The Color of Rain

Every once in awhile I find myself engaging in too many hobbies.  So I like to do a sort of annual “spring cleaning”  if you will…a decluttering of how I spend my time.

First step to decluttering hobbies is to acknowledge them.  Here goes:

  • Reading  The Wheel of Time Series  by Robert Jordan (I’m on Book Eight…still don’t know how I feel about the author’s writing style, but he’s got some interesting ideas.)
  • Playing Harvest Moon: Animal Parade on my Wii (I’ve never played a Harvest Moon game before…it sucked me in…my character married the Wizard…it was super anti-climactic).
  • Pretending to cross country ski when I walk around my apartment (This one takes up less time than Harvest Moon, so I feel like it should be kept.)
  • Memorizing Iggy Azelea’s lyrics in that song about being fancy.  (I’m really fancy, so I think this is an appropriate use of my time.)
  • Staring (with my mouth hanging slightly open) at projects I need to finish. (Oddly, nothing happens when I do this hobby, but it still takes up my time, so it’s on the list.)
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn “Sock” in colorway 855: Aguas

Second step:  Choose two hobbies and replace with knitting. This is tough, but I think Harvest Moon and Staring are gonna have to go. I didn’t do either of those today and look what I got started instead. It’s in the process of becoming a cute little Spring neck accessory.  In real life it’s a little bit greener, and the color reminds me of thunderstorms and puddles and wet blue spruce trees.

Thank goodness I’m getting this “decluttering” thing in before Spring ends…I better get to work.


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