Break It Down

I’m on Spring Break!

Well, my kids are anyway.  And for me that means a break from driving and homework helping and getting the kids ready for school and almost getting my nose broken when my son tries to give me a hug in the car.  I’m so excited!  I can’t believe it’s already here.  We’ve had a lot going on around here (just a constant stream of “busyness”), and I have several chores to catch up on, but somehow any time frame that includes the word “break” just screams possibility.  Especially knitting possibility.

The knitting?  Well, all I have on the needles right now is a sock.  That’s right, one sock.  (You maybe don’t want to know what I did with all the other unfinished items. Maybe I’ll tell you…someday.)  I’ve passed the heel, so there’s hope for finishing soon, but then there’s the second one, and the colors aren’t very colorful… and it’s Spring (!!!), so I might have to knit something bright and cheerful.

I did finish something though.


It’s my big, big snuggly blanket.  It’s so snuggly!  I like to wear it around the apartment…everywhere I go.  I wrap it around my shoulders and I’m instantly warm from my neck to my toes (and also, in my head, I think it makes me look like a wizard.  It doesn’t…I’ve asked).

Oh, and that little person on top of the blanket?…she is snuggly soft too.  That’s Lena, who is now a year old.  She is adorable and sweet, but she moves too fast to be a really great blanket model.

captured_by_snapseed_34_1-2She’s a blur, that one.

That’s about how life looks right now though, so I can’t wait for it all to slow down and come into focus.

Gotta love breaks.



Cold Medicine

I’m cold.  My apartment is cold. Outside is cold.  My hands are cold and my nose is cold.  I’ve been so cold that I’ve developed the habit of  shrugging my shoulders up constantly as a protective gesture.  I don’t know if it really makes me any warmer, but it’s some sort of instinctual thing, and I do it when I’m not thinking.  I even do it when I sleep.

I know this because last week I woke up barely able to turn my  head or lift up my left shoulder.  Ridiculous.

So for the past week or so I’ve tried to stretch, massage, and apply heat in hopes that someday I might be normal again.

But really the best thing I can do is to not be cold.  And that’s why I just keep knitting on my big, blue blanket.  My big, blue, light blue, green, super-warm, blanket.


It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever knitted, and it’s warm and snuggly.  It covers my toes when I sit down to knit in the evenings, and it’s the only thing I want to work on.  I think I could hibernate underneath it.  I haven’t even finished knitting it, and I’ve been using it already (I just have to mind the needles sticking out at the top. Very cozy though).  I don’t know how big it will be when it’s finished, but I feel like it’s a project that I’ll miss when it’s done…like a simple, well-written book.  I’m feeling nostalgic already. sigh

Speaking of nostalgia, WordPress sent me an e-mail today reminding me that today’s my bloggiversary!  A whole year has gone by since I started this blog, and I can’t believe how quickly it went.  Makes me want to celebrate.  Maybe eat some cake or something…

Sadly, my children ate all of the chocolate, chocolate chip muffins I baked this week, so I guess I’ll have to settle for a wrinkled watermelon radish instead.


Happy Bloggiversary!  I’m really glad you’re all out there. :)