And They’re Back…to school

Yesterday was my kids’ first day back to school (post-winter break).  I had plans to organize and shop and maybe drink a lot of coffee, possibly watch a show on Netflix that doesn’t involve animation or Disney Channel kid stars (although, has anyone seen “Girl Meets World”?  It’s not the best show ever, but it’s got all the old actors from “Boy Meets World”, and I just really like Ben Savage…he seems so friendly).

My wonderful plans got a little sidetracked when Tilly kept waking up throughout the night, and somehow, I ended up sleeping in her bed (which hasn’t happened in months) and later she ended up sleeping in my bed (which also hasn’t happened in months…this is starting to sound like an odd version of Goldilocks).  Anyway, everybody ended up being a little lot sleep-deprived.  All I could think was that my “first day of freedom” plans were now going to have to be supplemented by a nap.  (That’s “First Day of Freedom” fail #1…for anyone who wants to keep track.)

I had a particularly hard time waking her up for school that morning.  We were cutting it really close…twenty minutes ’til departure.  I finally got her out of bed by telling her she could have cookies for breakfast. (The only redeeming factor being that there were also scrambled eggs and apple slices.  Also, the cookies were homemade with organic flour.  The frosting had no redeeming qualities.  It was really tasty though). We were rushing around and really running behind, but we made it out the door with just enough time to get to school and not be late.

Except that it was cold.  Really, really freezing, icy cold.  And in the back of my head I was thinking how it was supposed to be warm because my husband had offhandedly mentioned that we were supposed to get a warm front this week (which we did.  today.), so I neglected to check the weather myself.  Usually, here in Denver, it gets cold and it snows, and the weather is sometimes weird, but we rarely have icy conditions.  But yesterday was horrible, so I had to scrape lots of ice off the car, which made the kids late to school.   (FDoF fail #2)

I did get them dropped off at school though, and then I headed home to drink more coffee and figure out the rest of my day when all of a sudden something flew up from the van ahead of me and hit my windshield.  It was just a little pebble or piece of ice, but the instant it hit the windshield a 3 ft-plus (almost a meter) gigantic crack formed and then grew a few more inches.  (FDoF fail #3)

I carefully drove home (the crack was u-shaped, so I could still see just fine), and I checked our insurance.  Did you know that cracks have to be smaller than a dollar bill to be covered for repair?  Otherwise the whole thing has to be replaced…out of pocket (blah, blah, deductibles and stuff).  Fortunately, I was able to make an appointment for noon.  So I venture back out to the car to go to the appointment only to discover that one of my tires was flat.  (FDoF fail #4)

I drove ever so slowly to the nearest gas station (which isn’t very near), filled it with air, and hoped it would stay.  And…it did!  But by this time I was a little late for the windshield appointment.  Thankfully, they didn’t seem to mind, and the whole business went ever so smoothly.  However, despite the appointment going well, I’m still counting it as FDoF fail #5 because I spent the rest of my “child free hours” waiting in a very gray room.


what do knitters do whilst waiting in very gray rooms?

We knit, of course.

captured_by_snapseed_16_1This is the Kumara Wrap.  Pattern by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.  Yarn is Knitpicks Andean Treasure in Fog Heather.  The same as my hat.


For some reason, I chose to knit this with two strands held together, so it is very possible that I will run out of yarn before I finish.  We shall see.  It’s very exciting.

So my “First Day of Freedom” didn’t go according to my plans, but it was a pretty good day nonetheless, and it left me feeling thankful that I have children who need me, a husband who’s taught me not to freak out about everything, money to pay for a windshield replacement, and the time to take care of it all without having to rearrange any plans that couldn’t be carried out another day.  Days like yesterday are good for me.

But I sure hope I don’t have another like it for a long, long while.


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