Here We Go Again

I keep writing blog posts in my head.

I’ve realized that this doesn’t quite count as blogging, so I had big plans for another “catch up” sort of post today.  I was going to write about Christmas and New Year’s and all the holiday goings on.  And then I realized that I took very few photos of the whole business.  Well, I took lots of photos with Aunt Carol’s very nice camera (sorry about that Aunt Carol…sort of got carried away with the picture taking).  I neglected to take pictures with my phone.  I’ll see what I can round up…for those who might be interested.

For those who are only interested in the knitting:  I did manage to take a few selfies of my new hat, Equistum, the second.


The “me only” December knitting turned out to be pretty easy since I accomplished practically nothing in the knitting department.  I finished the black scarf for Ben and then the hat for me and bam! December was kaput.

I haven’t quite managed to nail down a photo shoot for Ben’s scarf, but I did manage this:


(I had to stop him on his way out the door to get this one.) It’s an extra warm and toasty infinity scarf in the fisherman’s rib stitch. You make it by casting on a million stitches and then knitting until you run out of the three skeins of yarn you thought would be enough.

I also started one more project for myself and got a little more than halfway done.  I’ll show you tomorrow… :)


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