Me, Me, Me

This “me only” December knitting is harder than I thought.  I’ve done a recent sorting of the stash, and it reminded me that I wanted to knit another Likesleeves for Tilly.  And Dodge needs a new hat (maybe this one).  I’m sticking with my plan though.  I will conquer the selfish knitting.

I finished the big, black neck thing for the husband over the weekend (which I decided counted as “me only” knitting…somehow… pictures to come. ), and I was just really getting into the hang of thinking about myself when the husband mentioned going to see a movie with the kids.  I thought my knitting plans were foiled until I remembered that people sometimes knit at movie theaters.  I usually don’t, but I grabbed a hat pattern, some wooden circular needles, and away we went.  I decided on a hat that is a current favorite: Equisetum. I knit the last Equisetum a little more than two years ago, and I love it.  I have deep, deep feelings for things that are gray, and so I decided on a gray hat.  I was placing a Knitpicks order at the time, so I went with Andean Treasure in the only gray they had: slate gray.

Thankfully, they have updated their selection of gray since then (which I am super happy about), so as of this weekend, while watching Big Hero 6, I started my new project: Equisetum in Fog Heather.

It’s gorgeous and soft and coming along nicely.  I can’t wait to wear it!  Merry Christmas to me!



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