Ode to Me and the Turkey

I want to knit a hat.  And a new scarf/shawl.  For myself.  And maybe some new slippers.

I haven’t yet planned any Christmas knitting for this year.  I can tell by the collective, knitterly gasp that you’re all very shocked.  It’s true though.  I’m still knitting the black thing for the husband, which is not for Christmas (although it may take that long to finish), and I’ve still got two blankets, a pair of socks,


and a sweater sleeve on the needles, but that’s it, and none of those projects have a deadline.  And that means I’m free.

Free to knit for me!

I’m gonna take the whole month of December (well, what’s left of it) and only knit for myself (and probably I’ll finish the black thing for Ben…we’re one, so that counts as knitting for myself…right?).  

This is just too exciting.  Will I accomplish selfishly knitting for a whole month?  During the season of giving?  It’s a challenge for sure, but one I’m willing to accept.

Do you wanna see pictures of people who I love that I won’t be knitting for?

We visited my family for Thanksgiving last week (and we threw a birthday sleepover in just for fun).

Tilly with her adorable cousins, Jules and Adi. They’d just given each other “makeovers.” 
Jack (son of Shawna and Jeff) and I looking a little blurry…feeling a little blurry too.


Tilly and Adi getting ready to eat a little breakfast after spending the night at Uncle Dan and Aunt Bree’s.





Dodge leading the family outside to say our farewells.
Everyone’s heading out to eat brunch at Hotel Sorella (very wonderful hotel…if you’re in Kansas City, check it out!) My mom’s taking a picture of us getting ready to head back to Colorado, and I’m taking a picture of them because I’ll miss everyone. Love you all!

We had a really wonderful time.  The week went by way too fast. And I didn’t get any photos on Thanksgiving Day, which is a bummer because I missed getting a photo of my Grandma Peggy and her wonderful, new boyfriend Art…very cute couple, and I also missed getting some pictures of all of us “grownups” playing a whole lot of the game “Ticket to Ride”.  Good times.

Thanksgiving behind, Christmas ahead.  Here we go.





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