Thermostats and Steam Vacs

I was all set for being complain-y today.  I was gonna tell you how some piece on our toilet broke over the weekend and flooded our carpet and we had to rent a steam vac.  I was gonna say how we had a mini-sleepover and I was driven slowly insane by children who don’t listen, argue about everything, and have terrible table manners.  I was gonna complain about my mountain of laundry that needs washing before this weekend and last night in the midst of the mountain, the washer made a weird grinding sound and now won’t drain.  I was all set for complaining.  I was.

Then I happened by Facebook and read my sister’s status.  This morning she had a busted pipe that sprayed onto her furnace and ruined some electrical panel thing that connects to the thermostat.  She had to call a plumber and whoever the people are that fix thermostats.   And do you know what…she didn’t complain at all.  Not even a little.  She was thankful to the people who came and fixed everything.  She even had a “praise the Lord” in there.


I am thankful.  I’m thankful that the carpet only flooded in a few places.  I’m thankful that my husband knows how to turn off water valves.  I’m thankful that since we live in an apartment all the maintenance doesn’t cost me a penny. Praise the Lord!

It’s good to have an older, wiser sister to help you keep things in perspective and have a good attitude.  Thanks Sister. :)  (Did you see how I threw “older” in there?  You’re welcome.)

I am also thankful for yarn, which rarely causes me as much angst as water-related appliances and plumbing.  

I’ve got a granny square infatuation going on right now, and these little guys are made with my leftover scrap yarn.  I will have to crochet a billion of these before they become a blanket.  It might take years.  I kinda like that.



I’m also working on a big, black neck thing for the husband.  He uses public transportation because it’s available, and he braves the cold daily.  He deserves a big, warm, cushy neck thing.


He doesn’t like animal fibers so close to his neck, so I’m knitting it out of Bernat Softee Chunky (which is acrylic).  I’d rather be knitting with a lovely, natural fiber, but I am thankful that this stuff doesn’t break the bank.  Now I can keep the  yarn budget for myself.

Well… if I had a yarn budget. ;)


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