One Big Party

This week has been cold here (like in many places), and it’s gone by fast.

This time of year always goes by fast, and I feel like I have to run to keep up with it.  It starts with Halloween and then….boom…school stuff intensifies, holidays become something to start preparing for, and it’s Tilly’s birthday (not today, but really, really soon).

I always feel under-prepared for Tilly’s birthday.  I spent the week trying to deal with the cold and getting everyone into coats and snow boots that fit (it seems everyone’s grown since last year)…

My son and I have the same size feet at the moment. He commandeered my snow boots earlier this week, so I had to buy myself some new ones *sigh*… *giggle*.


…and I have neglected my baby girl’s birthday.

Not to worry though, I spent the day getting pizza and cake and a very pretty outfit and we even took treats to school this morning (not homemade, but satisfactory for an almost 7-year-old).  We blew up balloons this morning too, and Tilly wrote herself a note:

captured_by_snapseed_44_1And I’m treasuring this moment that she’s still 6…and her spelling is pretty terrible, and she made herself gag blowing up balloons, because it really does go by too fast.  Kids are just such new people, and it’s amazing to see what they can do.

Love.  Just so much sappy love.

If you didn’t come here for the sappy ‘mom’ moment, but you came for the knitting, I have something to show you.

captured_by_snapseed_40_1It’s a finished “Elemental Linens” place mat, and I love it!  Doesn’t it make my sad, lonely, lemon look elegant?  I think so too.

I also finished a hot pad thing (trivet?) I’ve had in my “to finish” basket for a while.

captured_by_snapseed_43_1It looks homemade, which is what I was going for here.  I think kitchens need a little kitsch.

captured_by_snapseed_41_1Hope you all have a Happy Weekend!  We’ll be partying like we’re 7!

Oh, and a big congrats to my friend, Kelli!  She’s welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world.


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