I’m feeling pretty excited about life right now (lots of happy things happening after a lot of not so happy things), so I decided to freshen up the look of the blog!  

A lot has happened in the past month or two that I’ve been absent here.  I’ve missed speaking about the birthdays of some wonderful people that I love, I’ve missed sharing about some pretty scary health stuff of more people that I love, and I’ve just been a little too disconnected.  

I’ve also just had too many projects going at once, and after a long while of feeling a little buried, I have now dug myself out and can breathe again.  Hyperventilating through projects is just not for me.  I love finishing things!

I finished the baby things for my friend (possible photos to come once baby makes his appearance…we’ll see), I finished sewing the bed/playhouse/fort thing just enough to hang it up for my children (don’t ask to see it…it’s terrible and shall never be seen again), I’ve sewn up a few scarves for my little family, knitted a hat for a lovely lady, helped finish a hat for a friend, finished knitting a hat for Tilly (matches the pink mittens…I’ll show you later this week), and now I’m only missing a right front on the Augusta Cardigan, which, if I ever finish, will be a miracle.

I also finally finished my Elemental Linens placemat…it’s yet to be blocked though.  captured_by_snapseed_28_1It’s very pretty and wonderful in a way that only linen can be, and I’m glad to have it in my home.  I finished it at the beginning of October, stuck it in a basket, and have been remembering and forgetting to block it for an entire month.

My brain space in October was taken up by sewing.  A very good chunk of it was taken up by shopping for and sewing Halloween costumes for my kids. I have to tell you it’s just not a favorite thing, and I have informed them both that next year they will be picking costumes from things we already have.

My son goes through phases, and currently, that phase is:  being obsessed with all things from “The Legend of Zelda.”  So, of course, he wanted to be Link, and the kids together decided that Tilly should be Princess Zelda.


I’m just so glad the costumes got finished.  They almost didn’t, and the complaining was something awful.

I’d promise to complain less next time…but there won’t be one.

(Insert evil laugh here)


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