Thermostats and Steam Vacs

I was all set for being complain-y today.  I was gonna tell you how some piece on our toilet broke over the weekend and flooded our carpet and we had to rent a steam vac.  I was gonna say how we had a mini-sleepover and I was driven slowly insane by children who don’t listen, argue about everything, and have terrible table manners.  I was gonna complain about my mountain of laundry that needs washing before this weekend and last night in the midst of the mountain, the washer made a weird grinding sound and now won’t drain.  I was all set for complaining.  I was.

Then I happened by Facebook and read my sister’s status.  This morning she had a busted pipe that sprayed onto her furnace and ruined some electrical panel thing that connects to the thermostat.  She had to call a plumber and whoever the people are that fix thermostats.   And do you know what…she didn’t complain at all.  Not even a little.  She was thankful to the people who came and fixed everything.  She even had a “praise the Lord” in there.


I am thankful.  I’m thankful that the carpet only flooded in a few places.  I’m thankful that my husband knows how to turn off water valves.  I’m thankful that since we live in an apartment all the maintenance doesn’t cost me a penny. Praise the Lord!

It’s good to have an older, wiser sister to help you keep things in perspective and have a good attitude.  Thanks Sister. :)  (Did you see how I threw “older” in there?  You’re welcome.)

I am also thankful for yarn, which rarely causes me as much angst as water-related appliances and plumbing.  

I’ve got a granny square infatuation going on right now, and these little guys are made with my leftover scrap yarn.  I will have to crochet a billion of these before they become a blanket.  It might take years.  I kinda like that.



I’m also working on a big, black neck thing for the husband.  He uses public transportation because it’s available, and he braves the cold daily.  He deserves a big, warm, cushy neck thing.


He doesn’t like animal fibers so close to his neck, so I’m knitting it out of Bernat Softee Chunky (which is acrylic).  I’d rather be knitting with a lovely, natural fiber, but I am thankful that this stuff doesn’t break the bank.  Now I can keep the  yarn budget for myself.

Well… if I had a yarn budget. ;)


One Big Party

This week has been cold here (like in many places), and it’s gone by fast.

This time of year always goes by fast, and I feel like I have to run to keep up with it.  It starts with Halloween and then….boom…school stuff intensifies, holidays become something to start preparing for, and it’s Tilly’s birthday (not today, but really, really soon).

I always feel under-prepared for Tilly’s birthday.  I spent the week trying to deal with the cold and getting everyone into coats and snow boots that fit (it seems everyone’s grown since last year)…

My son and I have the same size feet at the moment. He commandeered my snow boots earlier this week, so I had to buy myself some new ones *sigh*… *giggle*.


…and I have neglected my baby girl’s birthday.

Not to worry though, I spent the day getting pizza and cake and a very pretty outfit and we even took treats to school this morning (not homemade, but satisfactory for an almost 7-year-old).  We blew up balloons this morning too, and Tilly wrote herself a note:

captured_by_snapseed_44_1And I’m treasuring this moment that she’s still 6…and her spelling is pretty terrible, and she made herself gag blowing up balloons, because it really does go by too fast.  Kids are just such new people, and it’s amazing to see what they can do.

Love.  Just so much sappy love.

If you didn’t come here for the sappy ‘mom’ moment, but you came for the knitting, I have something to show you.

captured_by_snapseed_40_1It’s a finished “Elemental Linens” place mat, and I love it!  Doesn’t it make my sad, lonely, lemon look elegant?  I think so too.

I also finished a hot pad thing (trivet?) I’ve had in my “to finish” basket for a while.

captured_by_snapseed_43_1It looks homemade, which is what I was going for here.  I think kitchens need a little kitsch.

captured_by_snapseed_41_1Hope you all have a Happy Weekend!  We’ll be partying like we’re 7!

Oh, and a big congrats to my friend, Kelli!  She’s welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world.

I’m Only a Little Horrible

I’m slurping down soup before I head out the door (again)…in the cold, cold, freezy, coldness.  It’s not really lunch time yet, but I don’t care; I’m eating soup and no one can stop me.

I’m also sitting here listening to the faint sounds of my son’s pet gerbil chewing up card board. Every once in a while a waft of gerbil essence drifts from the kids’ room to mine, and I’ll admit something here that will make me sound like a terrible person (really, really terrible):

I have contemplated gerbil murder.

I know, that sounds really, really horrible, and I would never actually do it, but the smell is getting to me, and no one else in this place seems to want to clean the gerbil cage.  (I would just like to take a moment to apologize to my Dad for never scooping the cat litter box when I was supposed to…I’m sorry about that, Dad.  Please forgive me.)   This last weekend I admitted my horrible, gerbil-murderous thoughts to Ben.  I suggested maybe suffocation was the way to go.  He looked a little horrified, told me I could not murder our son’s gerbil, and then said something like “but you’d probably sew a tiny pillow for that.”

Rest assured though, I will not be harming any pets.  I will take care of Kirby (the gerbil) with love and care as always.  I may even give her some yarn scraps to put in her little nesty, den thing for winter.  She’ll like that.  Keeping gerbils and people warm is what I do.

Tilly’s got a new hat to keep her warm.


I’d knit a hat for Kirby, but I think she would just eat it.


I’m feeling pretty excited about life right now (lots of happy things happening after a lot of not so happy things), so I decided to freshen up the look of the blog!  

A lot has happened in the past month or two that I’ve been absent here.  I’ve missed speaking about the birthdays of some wonderful people that I love, I’ve missed sharing about some pretty scary health stuff of more people that I love, and I’ve just been a little too disconnected.  

I’ve also just had too many projects going at once, and after a long while of feeling a little buried, I have now dug myself out and can breathe again.  Hyperventilating through projects is just not for me.  I love finishing things!

I finished the baby things for my friend (possible photos to come once baby makes his appearance…we’ll see), I finished sewing the bed/playhouse/fort thing just enough to hang it up for my children (don’t ask to see it…it’s terrible and shall never be seen again), I’ve sewn up a few scarves for my little family, knitted a hat for a lovely lady, helped finish a hat for a friend, finished knitting a hat for Tilly (matches the pink mittens…I’ll show you later this week), and now I’m only missing a right front on the Augusta Cardigan, which, if I ever finish, will be a miracle.

I also finally finished my Elemental Linens placemat…it’s yet to be blocked though.  captured_by_snapseed_28_1It’s very pretty and wonderful in a way that only linen can be, and I’m glad to have it in my home.  I finished it at the beginning of October, stuck it in a basket, and have been remembering and forgetting to block it for an entire month.

My brain space in October was taken up by sewing.  A very good chunk of it was taken up by shopping for and sewing Halloween costumes for my kids. I have to tell you it’s just not a favorite thing, and I have informed them both that next year they will be picking costumes from things we already have.

My son goes through phases, and currently, that phase is:  being obsessed with all things from “The Legend of Zelda.”  So, of course, he wanted to be Link, and the kids together decided that Tilly should be Princess Zelda.


I’m just so glad the costumes got finished.  They almost didn’t, and the complaining was something awful.

I’d promise to complain less next time…but there won’t be one.

(Insert evil laugh here)