This, That, and a Frozen Gerbil

Did I mention the kids started school last week? …because they did, and it. is. awesome.

Yesterday, they had the day off though, so we journeyed over to the zoo.  We have zoo passes, so we only went for a couple of hours, and we spent a good chunk of our time in the Tropical Discovery building where we met Bob.

20140825_111608_1Bob is (I believe) an Alligator Snapping Turtle…Bob was huge.  Doesn’t he look like a dinosaur?  We’d never seen anything like him.  Love the zoo.

After the zoo we headed home and we each worked on our “projects.”  Dodge’s involved building something in Minecraft on the computer (of course), Tilly’s project involved stringing a button onto a strand of thread over and over (she was making tiny necklaces) and then leaving them all over the apartment,  and my projects are of course  BC1 and BC2, but also, something that involves sewing and is epic.

I somehow (with the help of Ben) decided that I should sew a giant playhouse, fabric, cover thing to put over my children’s bunk bed.  It’s gonna look something like this:

Ben built a PVC frame over the weekend to hold the fabric at the top (it almost reaches the ceiling). I only need to cover one long side and one end of the bed. The tree will be a separate piece that covers the ladder. Oy.

Right now it looks like this:


I was hoping to finish it in a week.  Stop laughing…it’s totally possible.

I also started two more “projects” because I can’t help myself.  I’m knitting a hat for Tilly to match her new pink mittens.

captured_by_snapseed_807_1And I’ve decided to start a granny square afghan made from leftover sock yarn scraps. There are lots of different ways I could’ve gone with the scrap yarn:  mitered square blanket, stripes, wool-eater, but I love granny squares…I love them like my mom loves paisley.  It can’t be helped.  It’s a condition.

captured_by_snapseed_808_1And last, but not least, I have some sad news.  One of Dodge’s pet gerbils, Pauline (the black one) has passed away.



She is currently residing in the freezer (very well wrapped) next to the peas and frozen kale.  There will be a gerbil funeral to be held at a date to be determined.  Let us have a moment of silence for Pauline.  She was their favorite.  She will be missed.


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