10 Days

…with no knitting.

In my regular, pre-blogging life, I didn’t knit as much, which was good for my hands, wrists, and elbows, but not as productive…and my goal was to be more productive (I’m talking knitwise here, not something crazy like with cleaning or laundry folding).  And since I am way more productive when someone is watching or when I have goals, the blogging commenced.

Then I knit myself into a little bit of pain.  And so I took a Knit Break.

I had assumed that while I was on the Knit Break I would be able to get everything done that needed done, and just as it is with most some things I assume…I was wrong.  Life still happened.  The same things needed done in the same amount of time I had to do them.  And I was still the same person that I always am.  That being– I still pick the things I find most fun and spend the most time doing those.  Here’s what happened…

Things I did whilst on my Knit Break:

  1.  I cooked more.
    Rainy Weather Soup (aka Autumn Meatball Stew, aka Orange Squash and Coconut Milk Soup w/ Sweet Potatoes and Pork(and Coconut) Meatballs, aka The Soup That Took Two and a Half Hours).

I made up a soup.  (I made other stuff to, but the soup was special).  I would tell you the recipe, but it was a little lot labor intensive and took around two-ish hours to make.  I cooked this soup with the intentions of using up ingredients that I had on hand.  And when I started cooking, the day was sunny and, well, too hot outside for eating soup, but by the time the it was finished, rain had rolled right in.  I can only assume that The Great and Wonderful Power of the Soup changed the weather to the proper form of precipitation and temperature for eating soup.  Good stuff.

Today I’m making bone broth for Chicken Soup, and guess what?…it just started storming outside.  Now I’m thinking it’s not just the other soup that changes weather…it’s me.  I have The Great and Wonderful Power of Soup Weather.

2. I read more.

I should clarify that:  I read more books.  (I also read more links from people on Facebook, but I think of Facebook as more of a rabbit hole or a trap…it just sucks you in until you forgot that the point of picking up your phone was to set the alarm so that you could wake up early in the morning and pretend that you could get a lot done while the children are still asleep, but by the time you’ve looked at the last link you realize that you’ve accidentally stayed up longer than you intended and now have to rethink your “getting up early” plan, and then you set your alarm for howevermanyminutes later hoping that you can still be productive, only that never happens because the smaller one hears the floor creak when you walk by her room and then you’re hanging out with a 6-year-old doing 6-year-old things instead of necessary mom-ish, houseworky things.)


Two of them are Fantasy and one is a really good nutrition book.  I love reading different genres and books about many things, but one of my favorite subjects is nutrition.  I especially like reading nutrition-based books if they’re informative and agree with my personal beliefs about nutrition. This one mostly does, and so I liked it a lot.  It’s Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe.  I liked it so much, I’m gonna read through it again sometime.

One of the fantasy books (Wizard’s First Rule) is a book that I’ve read a few times (there was a really terrible show based on the series for a bit).  The last time I read it was about 7 years ago, and so I noticed a few things this time around that I had neglected to notice in my younger days.  Like how this book is not super well-written and the story is a little slow until the middle of the book, which is about 400 pages in.  I still like it though.

The other book I haven’t finished yet. But The Eye of the World is supposed to be a good series (by Robert Jordan), so I’m game.

 and 3.  I taught other people in ways of the yarn.


I taught Tilly how to use an I-cord maker.  She loves it.  Right now it looks a little like wooly intestines, but I’m gonna felt (full) it, and sew it up into some hot pads or trivets or a rug.  I’m using up the Irish Oil wool that I’ve had lying around.  I had a different plan for it, but it’s not very pleasant to knit with– little, crunchy, wool bits fly around and end up getting caught in the back of the throat–so, it’s taking a different path instead.

I also taught a friend to knit.  I don’t count this as knitting as the process of teaching is slower and any knitting (on my part) was minimal.

Well, that’s mostly it (besides all the back-to-school shopping…which is no small feat).  At the end of my 10 knit-free days, I didn’t end up with more organized closets, less laundry, spotless floors, or having exercised more.  I just moved my next favorite activities up the list.  Such is life.

I will now resume the knitting, but with a little more (ahem) reserve.  We’ll see if that can be managed.


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