Down, But Not Out

The mittens took me out.

Not, like, on a date or anything, so stop picturing the mittens and I strolling along on a nice walk or out to eat at a restaurant…seriously, stop it.

…I’m talking RSI or repetitive strain injury.  I didn’t get a professional opinion, so it’s just my guess, but I’m giving the knitting a rest for a few days…maybe even a week.  I know; (gasp) a whole week.  What will I do?

Well, we already had the nice distraction of a family visit over the weekend (Thanks for the visit Unka Jo, Auntie Ray Ray, and Grammy Pammy!), so maybe now I’ll catch up on reading.  Or laundry.  Or maybe I’ll snuggle Tilly a little more (waving sharp, pointy sticks around while holding a child doesn’t usually work out).   Maybe I’ll shred all the papers that are puddled around the shredder.  So many options.

In the meantime, I do have finished mittens to show you.  I finished them on Saturday, and mostly, they look the same as last time:

captured_by_snapseed_779_1Except now they have little, yellow, mitten-shaped linings on the inside.20140812_144200_1

20140812_144545_1This last photo is of one with the lining tucked inside and the other still out.  So fun.

To distract myself from all the not knitting going on the little family and I decided last night that we should visit the local, old, amusement park (the kids had free tickets through our library summer reading program).

This amusement park has been around for a long time and is so old that it kinda gives off a creepy, fun sort of vibe.  The same kind of feeling that the carnival from the movie Big had.  It was, surprisingly, packed for a Monday night though.

We started out in the Kiddieland section (all the rides are shorter, smaller, and slower…for the kids) and somehow Ben and I convinced Tilly and Dodge to ride the roller coaster.     This roller coaster is, at maximum, maybe 5 or 6 feet (the height of an average adult) off of the ground.

They were worried.

We told them it would be fine.

The roller coaster started.  Chugging its way up the tiny, tiny climb.

20140811_202547_1Then around it went.  Around the hilly, short, little track.

As it came back around the last corner of the track, we noticed that Dodge was screaming his head off and looking for all the world like he was crying… and Tilly was looking pretty scared too.

And then around it went another 5 times.  Each time with Dodge coming around the  bend screaming.

Now, a kind mother might have said “yes” when the operator asked if he should maybe cut the ride short…but I discovered that I am not one of those, so I said “no.”  Well, actually, I shook my head no and waved my hand in dismissal because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t get any words out.  Laughing really, really hard.

For any of you that are worried, you should know that Dodge is a particularly loud and dramatic sort of 10-year-old…but usually recovers from things entirely untraumatized.

I am still laughing at the mental image today.  I just accidentally spilled Earl Grey all over my kitchen counter because I was laughing so hard thinking back on it. 

The kids recovered from the teeny weeny widdle roller coaster at their own paces and went on to try out all sorts of kiddie rides and then even ventured onto the Bumper Boats.  By the end of the night they were regular adrenaline junkies and braved a ride (from the non-kiddie ride section) called Whip.  Just to be clear though, this ride is not even related to a roller coaster…it’s more like bumper cars that are attached to a chain that takes them around a track (think race track meets carousel) except around the corners of the track the chain gets picked up by a faster spinning gear/turntable and whips you around the corner; then it slows down again until the next corner.

20140811_223136_LLS_1We had a really good time though.  We wandered around, went on rides, chatted with ride operators, ate really unhealthy food, and rode the Whip three times until the park closed at 11:30.  As we were leaving, a mouse ran across the sidewalk…it was very Templeton at the county fair…and seemed to complete the old, amusement park experience.

It almost made me wish that school wasn’t starting soon and summer would just keep on going for awhile longer…

But then, Tilly wouldn’t get to wear these mittens.

Stella mittens




6 thoughts on “Down, But Not Out

  1. I am snort-laughing at the thought of Elijah screaming on the kiddie coaster. Actually I’m snort-laughing at the thought of YOU laughing at Elijah. Eyes are watering…can’t type very well! Thanks for sharing – wish I could have seen it myself! Love!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Uncle Roger and I laughed at the mental picture of Elijah and Stella on the roller coaster but what made us laugh even harder was the mental picture of you waving aside the offer to stop
    because YOU were laughing!! Great blog and fantastic mittens :-D

    Liked by 1 person

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