The Sweet Spot

I was enjoying a thunderstorm earlier today–knitting away on a mitten– when I realized that I hadn’t knit anything brown for several days.  Now, normally I am indifferent to this type of discovery, but I’m not being normal at the moment.  I have a goal to bust out two brown cardigans before the official start of fall, and it turns out that obtaining finished, brown cardigans requires actual time spent knitting on said (unfinished) brown cardigans.  Surprising, no?

So I rallied with Augusta (a.k.a. Brown Cardi #1 or BC1) and managed the better part of one sleeve while the kids and I watched The Lego Movie…again.



That’s the inside (or wrong side) of the sleeve–just to keep things fresh.  BC1, so far, remains brown, soft, and tweedy.  I know I’m gonna love this thing when it’s finished, but the knitting of brown things is… well… it’s really boring.  I threw in some yellow scrap yarn to liven things up and to help keep track of increases and keep me focused.

Keeping track of increases. Directions read: increase every 12th row, 7 times…something like that.

So far so good.  I learned this handy yarn trick from the Yarn Harlot…she doesn’t know it, but she’s my knitting mentor.  I don’t have any familial knitters from which to acquire handy tips and tricks passed down from generation to generation, so her blog has often been my guide.  Good ‘ol internet.

Brown Cardi #2, better known as Wyeth, hasn’t been started yet.  Not even a test swatch.  I did print out the pattern today.  Maybe that counts for something?

Mostly though, it’s been me and the mittens…the mittens and me.

Basic mitten pattern from Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd.  I duplicate stitched the hearts…it was kind of fun. (For the non-knitters) Duplicate stitch is a special kind of embroidery for knitting.

Brown cardigans really have no way of competing with hot pink mittens–with hearts no less.  So adorable.  They’re for Tilly.  She loves them….I, too, love them.  If they were big enough, I might try stealing them.  Sadly, they don’t fit, and also, 31-year-old moms don’t usually wear hot pink, heart, mittens.  One of life’s tragedies.

Don’t extend your sympathies just yet though…the mittens and I get to spend a little more time together.  I’m knitting linings for them.

captured_by_snapseed_772_1Right now they look a little freakish, but once done, the light pink and yellow bits will tuck into the hot pink mitten and make a super warm, double thick mitten (the yellow will be hidden). Super exciting.  I am, essentially, knitting a total of 4 mittens but ending up with just one pair.  It’s good fun.  Really.

On top of all that, I have found my knitting sweet spot: turns out that knitting on size US 3 (3.25mm) needles with DK weight yarn makes me super happy.  It’s my perfect knitting scenario.

Those last few sentences really make me understand why non-knitters might think I’m a little wacky.

…Ah well.

I’m off to spend more quality time with the mittens (and my children). :)  Happy Thursday!


6 thoughts on “The Sweet Spot

    1. I feel like I’ve had the browns in my stash for a few years now, and if I don’t use them soon then they’ll just sit in my stash totes taking up valuable real estate forever and ever. Can’t wait to see what your brown sweater will be! :)

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  1. Kimmy- I love you and I love this blog, and I love the pink heart mittens. They are bee-U-teee-ful! I also like the texture of the brown cardigan. So glad Roger (and Carol)! reminded me about your blog. :)

    Liked by 1 person

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