The Beginning of the End of Summer

Yesterday was school registration day for my kids, and I am filled with hope anew–there is light at the end of the summer– I mean tunnel.  We have filled up our summer with a lot of activities, swimming, reading, relaxation, family,  and friends, and now I’m ready for some structure.  Two weeks, people.  Freedom (ish).

Due to summer, there has been a sadly diminished amount of knitting time lately, but it’s been enough to keep me docile.  I finished a pair of socks over the weekend.


These have been on the needles since the middle of July.  They claim to be the colorway “Berry” (Cascade Yarns Heritage Paints).  They are red and blue…kind of 4th of July-esque.  These attributes would seem to point to summer, but these socks don’t remind me of summer.  The colors have me thinking of fall.  Maybe it’s the wool or wishful thinking.  Summer is too hot…not my favorite.


As I said, I finished them (mostly) over the weekend. We took a little weekend trip to visit some of Ben’s family, and it was the only project I brought along for the ride…mostly because I left the packing until the last minute…oops.


The weekend was so packed that I only managed to knit on them for little bits of time here and there, and it’s really too bad that all the pictures from this weekend have landed on my husband’s phone because we had a lot of fun, and I’d love to show you all.

It started with a wonderful campfire with Ben’s sister, Dr. If (aka Jess) and her husband Carlo (aka Kyle), and didn’t end until we’d all enjoyed lots of family (Hi everyone!), food, mountains, sunshine, rain, beer, coffee, basketball, dogs, birds, bugs, and talking.  Great times.

Today the kids and I are trying to squeeze in some last bits of summer relaxing.  It’s raining, and Dodge can’t get his cast wet (it’s Luigi green, by the way), so we’re playing board games, eating lots of fruit, watching horrible TV shows, and reading aloud (right now it’s The Neverending Story).

Oh, and I’m knitting pink mittens.

See the thumb, Uncle Roger? That’s what knitting toe socks would be like…kind of.

Dodge breaking his arm was not a wonderful thing to have happen, especially at the end of summer, but, the silver lining:  it’s good for the knitting time.  ;)

Happy Tuesday!




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