The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty

On Monday I had every intention of posting my living room updates.  That didn’t happen though.  Life happened instead.

Life has taken me on an interesting ride over the past few days– a crazy, roller coaster ride.  It’s been a really fun ride in certain spots, but there have also been some really scary twists and turns. There have been several moments where my heart skipped a few beats, my stomach did flip-flops, and I maybe could’ve used a paper bag in which to hyperventilate.

There has been so much going on that when Dodge hurt his arm yesterday (a minor buckle fracture…should heal up just fine), it seemed like Life’s equivalent of hitting your funny bone.


And despite all that is presently happening, going to happen, or happened in the past, I feel blessed, proud, and encouraged.  I am so fortunate to be a part of so much love.

With all that being said, we can now get back to the regularly scheduled programming of making, painting, and knitting.

Let’s recap. The yellow flower painting looked like this:

captured_by_snapseed_749_1Out of the paint choices I gave him, Ben opted for creamy white (he probably wouldn’t have changed it at all, but I gave him no choice).  The white looked like this:


We all agreed that this didn’t look great.  (Trust me, in person it looked weird).

So, I decided to change things up.  Mid-repainting it looked like this:

With the “too bright” orange, the white, and the painter’s tape, we had a really awesome Broncos thing happening for a bit. (For those who don’t live in the US: the Broncos are Denver, Colorado’s professional football team).

And finally, to this:



I might paint it again some day and change it to green or antique brass (taking the advice of foundthispaintedthat…great blog…go look), but for now it’s gold and orange.

Abraham Lincoln seemed to approve,

He looks subtly pleased, I think.

so I forged ahead with my pillow making plan, which turned out like this:

It’s an envelope-style pillow cover with a quilted front.


The back still needs some buttons though because right now it looks like this:

captured_by_snapseed_760_1And with everything that’s been going on my knitting looks like this:

Not quite finished with the back.

So I think I’ll just go ahead and throw more into the mix.  I’m joining a Summer Sweater Knit Along.

I’ll be turning this:

LionBrand Fisherman’s Wool. Color: Nature’s Brown

Into this:

Image © Aliciaplum

The pattern is Wyeth by Alicia Plummer.  It’s pretty.

That is all. Happy Wednesday!





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