To Paint or Not to Paint…oops, too late

I might be a lot a little easy to please, but I’m finding it really amusing that the placemat that I’m knitting (see yesterday’s post) looks like this when I set it down:


It’s like a linen tiara or a tiny, linen mountain.  I didn’t know it could do tricks.  Silly linen.  It’s probably a downhill slope to crazy town to start thinking of knitting projects as pets…I should stop…really.  

Ahem. My tweedy, cabled cardigan has grown a little too.  I’ve knitted the back piece a little past the armhole shaping, and it’s looking good.  It’s soft too…and a little fluffy, and warm.  Oops…crazy town again…backing away from the sweater.

In lieu of my attitude towards my current knitting projects, it may be a healthy option for me to branch out on the craft projects this weekend.  So I’ve decided to undertake a few non-knitting crafts (not to worry; there will still be knitting).  I had a bit of a dry, crafting spell after I finished varnishing the bench back in May? June?, but today I suddenly got the urge to change some things in my living room.

I have a very random home decor style (ha…I just called “random” a style).  And I usually decorate based on the Whim Principle.  That being, I get the whim to make or paint something, so I do.  Or, on a whim, I see something I like and have to buy (within my budget, of course).

Well, this current whim is of the “make and paint” variety.  So if I have enough time, I’m going to sew one or two couch pillow covers out of these fabrics:

Again, my style is random…this may not be to your taste.

And, I also need to finish a painting project I started this afternoon.  (Not painting a painting, but painting the frame of a painting).

I have a big, textured, flower painting I picked up at a thrift store for $10 a couple of years ago.





Ignore the bottom right of the frame…I had already started sanding.

It’s somewhere around 3ish feet x 2ish feet (.9 meters by .6 meters).  It’s a little old-fashioned, but the flowers are gorgeous in person, and in the right light they have a very emanating, glowing nature.

When I bought this, we lived in an apartment with much more natural light in the living room, and it looked good in all the brightness.  Our current apartment (let’s call it the dungeon), has a very minimal amount of living room light.  It’s a sad place.  It’s like somewhere Eeyore might choose to live.  So I’m painting the frame.  I haven’t chosen what color to paint it yet, but I do have options (and don’t get all cheeky on me and choose “don’t change it at all”…it’s too late for that).  It looks like this right now.


So…paint options*:

That’s Martha Stewart Crafts™ paint in the colors: Wedding Cake (white), Mace (orange), or Scottish Highlands (green). …and no picking Scottish Highlands just b/c it sounds pretty…you have to go by looks.

Feel free to give other color suggestions if you have any; I’m a little stumped.  Just remember to think light or bright.

Well, I’m off to pet knit some more of my cardigan.  Happy Friday!

*husband’s opinion counts the most…seeing as I didn’t ask him before I started painting it. 



6 thoughts on “To Paint or Not to Paint…oops, too late

  1. I’m really glad you have an outlet for all your craftiness now. And that you’ve made it a bit more classy. Just recently I started taking guitar lessons…and, well, you know what you did to the guitar case. I undid it. All it took was a bit of tugging and a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the staples. :)

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    1. Hey Sister, It’s really awesome that you’re taking guitar lessons. :) Not everyone can be self-taught like me….bam! Okay, I only learned one song; I’m not a professional or anything. And you’re right, I may have stapled some low-quality fabric into Mom’s old guitar case, but that case needed some pretty-ing up. Like I told Mom: You should be thanking me for not using hot glue. ;P


  2. KImmy- it makes me smile to hear about you updating a guitar case! True to your self. :)
    As for paint color- I am a more conservative person so would go with the whitish color- but I know whatever you pick will be wonderful!

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  3. Well you didn’t say what colours your room has in it that you are going to hang the picture! Do you have accent cushions you love? pick a colour from them…if you are unsure, start with the white. If you hate it , it’s not too big a project to re-do. I think an antique bronze would look fab.

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    1. Just looked at your blog…love it! :) Thanks for the antique brass suggestion; that would be the best option…and I think someday I’ll paint it that color. For now though, I’m really wanting some color or brightness. It’s a pretty small room with very little natural light.
      As for my room colors: The walls are a very light, slightly peachy, beige. The baseboards are creamy white. My couch is a darkish, (slightly greenish) gray. The fabric I’m using to make new couch cushions are cream, diff greens with yellow, muted orange yellow, and a striped dark gray linen. We also have a gold, high-back chair. Accents already in the room are gold, green, antique brass, and light teal. Kind of random.


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