Hello Louet!

My beautiful, free (obtained via giveaway) Louet Euroflax arrived in the mail yesterday (Thanks again Kirsten Singer!), and it. is. gorgeous.  Really lovely…so lovely that I wound it up and started knitting “Elemental Linens.”

captured_by_snapseed_747_1Elemental Linens is (and I’ve mentioned it before, but I think it deserves a second mention) up for sale over at Holla Knits.  (You can also find it on Ravelry.)

Now, some of you may already know that I’m on a “Self-Inflicted, Knit Only From Current Yarn Stash, Thing.”  (I would say ‘self-imposed’, but I think ‘self-inflicted’ lets you know that it’s a painful decision…due to space limitations)  And this is why winning a skein of luxurious, linen yarn was such a beautiful thing…you can’t not accept free yarn…even if you are on a SIKOFCYST (see above).

So I don’t yet have enough Euroflax to make the whole Elemental Linens set, but that’s one of the great things about this pattern–it’s for the home, and it can be knitted up and added to as slowly or quickly as wanted.  I’m starting with the placemats.  Then, when I’ve gone off the SIKOFCYST, I can add the coasters and the table runner.  Knitting this pattern out of 100% linen has the added advantage of being incredibly durable and beautiful and pretty much an heirloom.  I love that.  I already had one other skein of Louet Euroflax Sport in my stash in the color Mustard, so I’m gonna knit a placemat or two in that color as well as the Natural.

captured_by_snapseed_748_1I think all these linen fumes are making me giddy (you gotta watch out for that…it’s of the odorless, colorless variety…unlike wool fumes).  Seriously though– brilliant pattern, clearly written charts, and a fun way to make your life a little more lovely.

Despite being incredibly distracted by the linen today, I have managed to start one of the brown cardigans.

Yarn: Knit Picks City Tweed HW in color Tabby. Needle size: US 7 or 8…remains a mystery because I’ve lost my needle gauge.

It’s the Augusta Cardigan from the book New England Knits.  It’s got a super-cozy look to it, but I’m altering it a bit to fit my taste.  The back of the original cardigan has ribbing on the bottom and then plain stockinette all the way up.  I’ve decided to leave my edge raw (which means it will curl up a little), but throw in some knit 4 purl 2 ribbing all the way up the back, which adds an element of interest and might also add a little shaping.  I’m also gonna switch out the cable running down the arms for a strip of ribbing (I don’t need any more bulk at my arms).  I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to alter the front, so we shall see what happens when I get there.  I like it so far, and the yarn is soft.  I may have neglected to do a proper gauge swatch (yet again), so we’ll see what size it wants to be.  Fingers crossed for my size.

Happy Thursday! :)


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