On a Tuesday

How about a little splash of color to brighten your day?


These are the Cutest Booties pattern by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.  They’re really just a down-sized version of her basic sock recipe…but with some extra cuteness thrown in by way of pompoms. (I use the Clover pompom makers).  These are not the quickest little booties to knit, so I wouldn’t attempt them if you have a baby shower to attend the same day you start them (unless you are super speedy… I’m average to quickish).  But, otherwise, they only take a couple of days with time snatched here and there to knit.  Fun and adorable…”widdle shoosies.”

captured_by_snapseed_744_1 (1)

I probably should’ve waited until I was elbow deep in knitting brown cardigans before I started these, but the yarn was calling my name.

Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet in color 7…which is probably discontinued because apparently, that’s how I roll.

I have had two skeins, but I accidentally bought different dye lots, so I’m gonna use the rest of the first skein for matching baby stuff.  The second one Tilly has already claimed because she thinks the booties are “soooo soft”.  She wants socks.

Who doesn’t?


4 thoughts on “On a Tuesday

    1. I’m slowly taking over my apartment with yarny goodness…if I incorporate it all slowly enough; the husband will be completely immersed before he realizes. The booties are now on the dresser. Next, maybe a baby hat on the table under the window. No sudden moves.


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