Aim Big

I have a deep, deep love of cardigans.  They’re cozy, they can change the look of an outfit, and they come in really handy when the temperature changes for the bazillionth time in a day.  So, I’ve decided that what I would love to do is to knit myself several cardigans (and/or pullovers) before Fall starts.  

There’s a problem though–I don’t have enough yarn to knit the sweaters I want.  

I am currently exceeding my (self-inflicted) yarn stash limit, and am thereby knitting only from stash.  The problem with this is that I often buy yarn on whims or when I find really good deals.  I have a lot of yarn, but the majority of it is in 1 to 5 skein doses.  Sadly, this means that I usually don’t have enough of the right weights (or colors or fibers) of yarn when the sweater knitting urge hits me….and it has.  Or to be more accurate, this means I can knit sweaters for myself, but they may or may not fit.

Let’s take a look at an example of this:  my finished Sandshore cardigan.  

I bought the yarn at a very discounted price, and I only purchased 5 balls with 110 yds each.  That’s 550 yards of an aran weight, cotton yarn…not really enough to knit a long, comfy cardigan.  Deep down I knew this, but I knit forth anyway.  

I finished the second sleeve yesterday and gave it a bath.

The dye in this yarn bled, but the water ran clear after the third rinse.
The dye in this yarn bled, but the water ran clear after the third rinse.

I blocked it pretty severely to see if I could make it grow; then I put it in the “car oven” to speed up the drying.  


It was cloudy outside, and this method is best served by the sweltering heat of the mile-high sunshine, so the drying took a tad longer than usual…still worked though.

Yarn: Louisa Harding Delphine in “Navy”

Then I tried it on.  I already knew the outcome, but I was hoping that somehow blocking would relax the cotton and maybe grow it by an inch (or six).  It didn’t.

I paid Dodge (my 10-year-old) a dollar to take pics for me. I got what I paid for…dollar quality photos.


If you look closely in this one you can see that Tilly’s making pig faces against the glass…good times.

And while it’s a nice, short, little cardigan, it’s not exactly a Sandshore…it’s more like the kind of little sweater that you might wear to the office or something.  


I don’t know yet if I’ll keep it or find an extra small friend to give it to, but I’ll try harder on my next cardigan.  I’m aiming for comfortable and cozy.  

Over the weekend, I did find enough yarn in the stash for a couple of sweaters.  It seems though, that I only buy large amounts of yarn in brown, so get ready for brown…all brown, all the time.  

(Yeah right.  I can’t just knit brown stuff…I have something colorful to show you tomorrow.  It’s not a cardigan.)




7 thoughts on “Aim Big

  1. I give you permission to buy some beautiful, colorful yarn so you can knit yourself into cardigan knitting heaven and have something warm and beautiful to wear, oh, and I like the way your little Sandshore cardigan looks on you!

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