Short and Sweet

Happy Friday!  And it’s an especially happy one because today is my Dad’s birthday, so…

Happy Birthday, Dad!  I’m really glad you were born…a long time ago…way back in the 1900s…(oh, wait; so was I).  Anyway, love you bunches!  Enjoy some BBQ for me. 

Not much can top birthdays, but I do have something to show you.  It’s not knitting, it’s crochet (bear with me knitters,) and it’s been sitting around unfinished for several months now, just needing buttons and a flower.


I finished it up yesterday for a friend, and I think the hat and little shoes are pretty adorable. I’ll give a look around for the patterns I used and add them later. Cute stuff. Pretty quick too.

I also managed to start a sleeve yesterday despite my aversion to the magic loop method.  It’s just so loopy….like weird, floppy, cable ears.  It’s going better than I thought it would…maybe my aversion is reverting?  Is that even possible?  Well, my odd (wrong?) context aside, I’m almost finished with one sleeve.

Terrible picture…it's cloudy today.
Terrible picture…it’s cloudy today.

Which is pretty good, considering I didn’t knit on it at all until 10pm last night.  

Well, I’m off to see a friend.  

I hope you all have lovely weekends!


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