All I do…

Well, the “10th Birthday Weekend Extravaganza” was both successful and eventful.

There were presents…including hand-knit wool socks, and yes, I did put a 3DS game in the toe.



There was blue cake. (Decorations by Dodge)


20140711_185252_1And there were friends and a lot of noise.

There was also a lot of knitting on the Sandshore.  Just to maintain sanity.

Ignore the neon green yarn…it's just holding stitches for me.
Ignore the neon green yarn…it’s just holding sleeve stitches for me.

It’s measuring a little short for my liking, but when I’m done with the sleeves, it will get a severe blocking and, hopefully, turn out close to my measurements.  It’s still an XS, so it won’t be long and flowy, but it’ll still be good for layering.  

One of the kids at the sleepover this weekend grew concerned about how much I was knitting and asked if it was  “all I do, all the time“.  I just said yes (because I do knit more than most people).  And it seemed easier than explaining about the benefits of knitting as a stress reliever when you’re trapped in a small apartment with incredibly loud, small, messy humans who are hopped up on blue cake and apple juice.

I can tell you that I’m done with sleepovers for awhile…hopefully for the rest of my life  the summer.  I’m not sure how I come across to people, but I’m kind of a homebody and an introvert.  I like to go out and have fun, but I love when life isn’t busy all the time, and I really dig quiet, alone time.  Sleepovers really challenge “quiet, alone time.”  And so when my mother-in-law, Pammy, and my hubs offered to take the kids over to a playground last night, I jumped at the chance…true “alone time” is hard to come by in the summer with the kids at home.  I had almost a whole hour to myself; and so I finished a quick little project

20140714_203501_1I knit Pam a coaster for work.  The cup is just for size comparison.  This is basically just a mitered square.  I used this pattern but without the fringe.

We had some really good family/birthday time this weekend too.

That’s Ben and the kids, and then Ben’s lovely mom and his youngest brother. They are a tall and funny people…you’d like them.

We all went downtown (where I started a new sock) and the kids played at the park.  Then we walked around, had a mini-party and dessert, and then Ben and the kids played mini-golf.



The sock didn’t want to stand out in the hot sun playing mini-golf (the sock thinks mini-golf is boring…go figure), so the sock and I found some shade and some flowers and watched instead.


I cast on 66 stitches on 2mm (US 0) needles.   The yarn is some that I’ve had in the stash for a while now, and it’s missing its ball band, but I think it was Cascade Yarns Heritage Paints in the colorway Berry.

We had a good time.  The sock has grown a little in the past couple days, and we’re still having a good time together.   It’s got a purl 1, knit 1 twisted rib cuff, but it’s still just a plain ol’ vanilla sock from Knitting Rules.  I thought I’d try really small needles this time, and my stitches are turning out very neatly but maybe a little too firm.  I like them though, so I’ll carry on.

Oh, and speaking of socks, Dodge actually likes the socks he got for his birthday.  He chose to eat at “Sonic” for lunch, which seems fitting because that’s where the socks were started.


He calls them his “special socks” and he’s wearing them for the third day in a row.  In the hot, hot summer.  Without them being washed in between wearings.  I have a feeling that it’s gonna be difficult to maintain a hygienic 10-year-old.



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