550 yards of Peace

I have a really hard time starting projects sometimes.  I like a pattern, but don’t have the right yarn, or I have the yarn, but can’t seem to figure out what it wants to be.  I was having that kind of trouble this past weekend.  I had finally finished the “64 Socks,” I hadn’t figured out what to do next with the lavender blanket, and I really wanted to start something new and summery.  I’m still stash busting, so I had to find a pattern that would work with the yarn I have–which turns out, is very slim in the cotton/linen department.  The only substantial amount of anything summerish in my stash was 550 yards (502 meters) of Louisa Harding Delphine in Navy.  I tried to find a tank top I liked, or maybe a tee, but came up with nothing.

Finally, after searching for hours and hours and being grumpy and whining about it to Ben  awhile, I came up with Sandshore by Alicia Plummer.  It turns out that I can (maybe) make the very smallest size with the amount of yarn that I have.  I was so excited to start it that I didn’t even knit a swatch to make sure my gauge is correct.  Let us hope it fits when I’m done.  I’m not usually a fan of surprises, but for some reason with knitting, it doesn’t bother me.

I started it yesterday morning (well, technically, I started it Monday night, but then ripped it out)…before I finished the picots…



It looks the same today except bigger…it’s moving right along.  The only thing I’ve changed so far is that I’ve centered the vertical mesh that runs down the back just like several other Ravellers have done.  I didn’t realize it wasn’t centered until I was a few rows in and noticed my stitches weren’t symmetrical.  Thank goodness for Ravelry.

As for the blanket…


It is blocked and very nearly dry.  I blocked it in the shape that it wanted to be…picots make for very wobbly edges.  I designed it   while knitting it, so there are a few things I would change if I made it again, but overall, it’s charming.  It’s shabby-chic meets shawl, and it will look better with a baby in it (as most things do).

 Better pictures to come very soon. 


4 thoughts on “550 yards of Peace

  1. I luv the lavendar shawl- and the edges. It does look very vintage-y! Love to read these blogs of yours, Kimmy. You are quite the writer, and knitter. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the blanket love. :) Oh, and the cotton yarn for the cardigan is a ribbon yarn, I think, and it’s got a little more give than a plied cotton yarn…much easier on the hands.


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