Kids are all different.  If you have kids you’ll agree and if you don’t… well, just trust me.  Like grownups, kids come in lots of personality types and temperaments and all that.

Along this journey of parenthood so far, our son, Dodge, has been a bit of a puzzler.  He’s got a mind like a trap for certain things, but in other ways he needs reminding.  over and over and over…  Now, If any of you know my husband (some of you do, some don’t) than you know that his often preferred method of discipline is “the lecture.”  A lot of these begin with an exasperated tone and the starting phrase, “Dodge, we’re you parents…”.  Some lectures are just little snippets– reminders of politeness and manners, and for the most part “the lectures” are good.  Our children are mostly well-mannered and well-intentioned.  I even think having children be able to sit through a really long lecture might give them some fortitude and the ability to keep quiet when they don’t always agree with authority figures (think teachers and bosses).  I was a bit of a sassy, back-talker in my day (caused me a few problems), so I think the ability to keep your yap shut be quiet when the situation calls for it is actually a good skill to have.  That being said, I’m thinking our son may have missed the point because while he still hasn’t mastered ‘chewing with his mouth closed’ he has perfected “the Dad tone” when speaking to others.  Yesterday, Dodge’s friend came over for the day, and with just the right tone of scorn, frustration, and disappointment he admonished his 9-year-old friend to chew with his mouth closed.  Raising children is magical.

I’ve been doing something else that’s magical lately…and also requires a bit of fortitude…



…binding off the Lavender Blanket with lovely little picots (that’s either pee-cohs or pee-cots depending on where you’re from).  It’s taking awhile.  There are about 80 picots per side and I’m almost done.  260 down…60 to go.

20140708_141409_1Tomorrow I’ll show you something new that I’ve started, and hopefully, this blanket will be finished.  For any of you keeping track, the Paulie is in time out.  It might disappear.

Just like magic.



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