A healthy promise

Hey There!

How’s everyone been?

After a wonderful week of vacation with my parents, a bit of a medical thing, another little visit with some out-of-town friends, and summery activities with the kiddos, I feel like I’m finally getting back on track.  I’ve put a dent in our epic pile of laundry, I finally bought groceries, I cleaned the bathrooms, and I even got around to cleaning and sanitizing the refrigerator drawers.  All that remains now is… well, everything else.  I may or may not still have a deflated air mattress on my living room floor.  Also, there may be puzzle pieces from a kajillion puzzles placed randomly throughout my children’s room…anyone really love sorting?

As for the knitting…

So that “medical thing” I mentioned earlier meant that I couldn’t lift more than 10 pounds for a week.  One of the biggest downsides, besides having to give up my regular role as family pack mule, was that I couldn’t get my yarn totes down from their shelf.  Which meant I couldn’t rummage around in my stash looking for inspiration, which meant that I was less motivated to finish what I have on the needles because I have nothing planned (yet) to knit after I’m finished.  I’ve almost finished this sock, which brings me to my promise:

captured_by_snapseed_735_1I hereby solemnly promise to finish this sock.  I promise not to make you look at this sock again until it’s finished and with its buddy.  I promise it will be finished before my next post (and I promise that my next post will not take 8 days to get to).  I’m thinking I’ll give these socks to my son for his birthday.  It’s coming up, and I really can’t imagine a better present for a 10-year old boy whose birthday is in the middle of summer, then a nice pair of slightly messed up, warm, wool socks.  I can picture the joy on his face now.  Maybe if I put DS games in the toes…

I think maybe I haven’t been knitting as fast because I’ve been reading more books lately.  If I’m knitting something simple then I have no problems with knitting while I read, but I’m slower.  Much slower.

Also, recently I’ve acquired some new knitting books, and I don’t knit while I’m looking through those.  I just look and dream and then pout because I don’t have the right yarn…and then repeat a few more times…not really conducive to actually knitting.


I had to put up more shelves because my knitting book collection was in little piles all over the place.  These shelves make that wall look like a little bookstore just for knitting.  (Ben loves this.  Who wouldn’t want to look at knitting books in their bedroom?  It’s cool though–I got him a book about knots for Father’s Day and he gets to keep that book up there if he wants…because ropes are almost like yarn.)

Well, I’m off to eat some fruit because I finally got around to buying some fruit.  Here’s to your health and mine!

Happy Thursday!




3 thoughts on “A healthy promise

  1. Funny…..but I don’t see any rope knot books! LOL. I’m so glad you had a great visit with your folks. Now let’s see how quickly you can finish that sock. ;-)

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