In Which I Sneak in Some Knitting

First up, I keep forgetting to post that the lovely Larissa, for whom I knit the Baby Surprise Jacket and the Muti Dress had her baby girl a week and a half ago.  From photos, I have deduced that the baby looks strong and healthy and gorgeous.  Little “Junebug” is gonna get so much love.  :)

Second up, my parents are here for a visit.  Hip hip!  We’ve been enjoying mountains, eating out a lot, visiting some sights, playing cards, and generally having a wonderful time.  We don’t live very close to each other (about a 12 hr car ride), so it’s a treat when they visit.  I love them bunches…and bunches and bunches and bunches.

Aren’t they cute? :)






Absurdly though, neither of them knits, so I’m sneaking it in when I can…riding the Light Rail, chatting on the couch, in between turns during card games…that sort of thing.  I’m still sort of just slogging my way through my current projects.  I really want to start knitting something else, but I promised myself I’d finish the lavender baby blanket and the “64 socks” before I start anything new.  sloggity, slog, slog.  I’d share pics, but they look almost exactly the same as before…even though I’ve been knitting on them…slog.

I’ve worked a little on the Paulie cardigan.  20140625_084238_1So far I’m not convinced that it’s going to fit me, but my philosophy is that if it doesn’t fit me, it’ll fit someone else.  I’m usually okay with that scenario.  I can feel that this cardigan is gonna take a while for me to get through though, so I might have to throw another cardigan in the mix as well.  Yeah, yeah, after I finish those other two projects.

Happy Wednesday!



6 thoughts on “In Which I Sneak in Some Knitting

  1. Thanks Kim, the baby is happy and healthy and already loved to pieces by her big brothers! Sorry to hear the knitting is slow going. It’ll be worth it when they are done though!

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