Ch-Ch-Check Me Out

Have any of you been knitting in public lately?  This week is World Wide Knit in Public Week, and it’s meant to convey to the world how many of us there are and possibly help dissolve the stereotype that only a certain demographic knits.

Now, I am a young, thirtysomething,  mother of two.  I am kinda nerdy and probably a little (or a lot) boring, so I’ve been trying to think of ways to make myself seem more hip whilst I knit in public.  (Saying whilst is totally part of my plan)

Amazing List of Ideas to Seem More Hip and Thereby Lure People into My Tangly Yarn Web *:

  1. Grow a beard.  Beards seem really popular and hip right now.  I come from a dark and hairy people; I think if I put my mind to it, it could be possible.
  2. Wear an awesome hat.  Preferably made of straw.
  3. Do something vintage-y with my hair.  I’ve never tried that “finger wave” thing.  Can’t be that difficult, right?
  4. Develop some sort of trending attitude.  Which is more popular with the young ones these days: aloofness or friendliness?
  5. Knit using various forms of the newest technological devices instead of needles.  Someone might think I’m making a statement or being artistic.  Or they’ll just come over to see my awesome new gadgets.
  6. Drink beer while I knit.  Done.  Can’t do Pabst though, reminds me of my college days (Natty Light, anyone?) so I’ll have to stick with my Shiner Bock Ruby Redbird or maybe a pale ale ’cause it’s summer.
  7. Play the banjo.  I admit it would be difficult to knit and play the banjo simultaneously.  Maybe I don’t need to learn to play the banjo; I just need to own one and keep it near me while I knit.  I’ve always wanted to learn though…I have a thing for Steve Martin.
  8. Get a tattoo sleeve.  I briefly contemplated the idea back in 2002 after a trip to Portland, but was too broke to do anything about it.  What about a dress up faux tattoo sleeve?  I could borrow one from my children.



What do ya think?!  Pretty awesome, right?

If you happen to be around Denver this week, I’ll be the lady knitting in public, spontaneously giggling, and mumbling about tattoo sleeves and looking cool.  That’ll probably help change the image of knitters, I’m sure.  I’m helpful like that.

  • Disclaimer: I am not trying to put down anyone who has or does these things; I am merely pointing out how sadly unhip I am. ;)



12 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Check Me Out

  1. You are so clever! I can see you do them all except the first one (no bearded ladies in the family, thank you) or the last one (I am not a fan of tattoo sleeves, even if they are on my beautiful niece)! Oh, and you are NOT boring :-)

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  2. Bahahahaha! You managed to make a cranky overly-exhausted mama laugh out loud at work this morning! I miss my Kimmie! We are a dark and hairy people, although I’m the one weirdo who has to dye my hair to be as dark as the rest of you.

    You make knitting look super cool, it’s the reason I tried and epically failed at it! I support the vintage hair thing. I have the perfect suggestion that will look awesome on you, I will send it to you (I pinned it to try myself but let’s be honest, I’m not capable of such things). Happy Friday!

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    1. I was always jealous that your hair got more blonde in the summer! Blonde highlights are so much prettier than orange. :) Oh, and I’d love to attempt your vintage hair thing. I can’t say that I’ll be any better at executing it though. Maybe I’ll post the results so you can laugh some more. ;) Miss you Shawna! Happy Friday! Give Jack a snuggle for me.


  3. Haha! This post made me giggle so hard. This past weekend I got to knit sitting on a blanket on the grass, at a music festival, wearing a floppy straw hat and my tragically hip combo of red cowboy boots and navy anchor print dress, and you know what?

    I still caught some flack for it. You just can’t win ’em all :P

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    1. That’s about as hip as you can get!…and still flack? Maybe if you had another knitter next to you. I’m thinking if you look hip and have a buddy then maybe people would get how awesome it is to be a knitter. :)


  4. Ha Ha ha….I’m loving the lightsaber knitting needles! Brilliant. Also, I’m thinking I need to find a knitting group that meets at a pub….or perhaps start one. That is a nice idea. :)


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