Gussets are like Hugs

I’ve been trying to knit more socks lately.  I think they’re a really great project and particularly useful (as most knitters have already figured out).  But I didn’t like them for myself until I figured out that I have crazy toes and I need to knit accordingly.  I also want to get really good at knitting them.  There are several parts to sock knitting and they’re all a bit tricky to memorize at first.  So I’ve been training my brain so that I can journey out into the world with a sock on the needles and not have to look at a paper or pattern.  It was all going pretty well until I finished one of the “64 socks” the other day.  It’s a nice sock…a little too manly for my taste in parts, but mostly, I’m pretty happy with it.  When I tried it on though, something was wrong.  Not blatantly wrong; just that irritating, little, niggling feeling, kind of wrong.


Okay, this is gonna seem really goofy to the non-knitters, but do you see that?  I put another sock there for comparison.

I forgot the heel gusset…that little bit after the heel flap that brings the stitches in all nicely and makes the heel fit really well…like a hug for your heel.  It turns out that a sock can still be a sock without it, but it doesn’t feel as “right.”  Ah well, I’m not going to rip out the sock, so now I need to finish the other one with a messed up heel too.  Socks are tricky little devils.

Sock knitting aside, I’ve also been working more on the little lavender blanket.  It’s to the point that the rounds are really, really a lot of stitches, so it takes awhile to go around.


I knit on it this morning for Aunt Carol’s sake.  Today is her birthday, and she thinks it’s pretty.  So “Happy Birthday, Aunt Carol!”…I think you’re pretty too. :)  There’s just tons and tons of good stuff I can say about Carol, but this time I’ll just say that she is wise and funny and makes things very stress-free when we visit.  Love you Aunt Carol! Hope you have a grand day!

Alright…the boy is asking to play Minecraft, so I shall let him.  We’re off to play soccer in a little bit, and we get to spend a little fun time with Corrie and Lena.

Happy Wednesday!


8 thoughts on “Gussets are like Hugs

      1. It’s really simple and ingenious all at the same time. At the moment I don’t see myself making a different kind. I always run into holes in my socks doing gusset heels no matter how many stitches I picked up. And wasn’t willing to try afterthought heels. So it was a good choice for me.

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  1. Love you too Miss Kimmy <3! Uncle Roger just read me this blog. He says it's because he is the true fan but i was having such a fun extended birthday that I never read down to your sweet comment about me. Thank you for the kind words.
    I'm so glad you are a part of this family!!

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    1. You two make me smile. :) Also, it was a bit of a slog getting through all the sock talk at the beginning of the post, so I understand how you just now made it to the bottom. (I’m still laughing about the ‘true fan’ thing…Uncle Roger, you crack me up).


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