I am (most likely) a Superhero

I’ve finally gotten around to varnishing my bench (no, that’s not a euphemism).  We made a special trip to Lowe’s at the beginning of the week to buy the stuff, and the guy that helped us was knowledgeable and friendly.

Fast forward a few days

We had forgotten to buy mineral spirits for cleaning up the brushes and a metal can for soaking combustible varnish-dripped rags in water, so I made a trip back to the hardware store.  This time I did not go to Lowe’s, I went to a smaller, closer, hardware store (I like to give the little guys a chance when I can).  I walked in the door and strode purposefully over to the paint counter to ask where I could find what I needed.  There were two older men standing behind the counter.  As I walked up, both of the men walked away…one of them walked away while I was speaking directly to him.

I can only assume from their behavior that:

  1. I am an incredibly scary person.  You must divide and make a run for it to confuse the horrible monster (that would be me)…she will then not know which prey to overtake.
  2. I have invisibility powers that I am not aware of.  I vote for this one.
  3. They are both blind and deaf, but amazingly, are able to hold a conversation out loud with other coworkers while staring into each other’s eyes.  Impressive.
  4. They have instituted a tough love approach to customer service.  They would like customers to wander around their store until they either succeed and purchase or fail and leave empty-handed.  They only want the ambitious customers.

Anyway, I found what I was looking for (after yet another male worker walked up to me said “hi” and then turned and walked off quickly before asking me if I needed any help).  And if you happened to be at this particular hardware store today and saw a lady with unruly hair– wearing sweatpants– who may have been talking out loud to herself and mumbling things like, “Fine, I will find the mineral spirits my OWN self” and “I don’t need no stinking man help to find a metal container”– that would’ve been me.  Next time you see me, feel free to walk up and say ‘hi’…I’ll help you find what you’re looking for because nobody else is going to.

Besides having fun at hardware stores this week, I’ve been really enjoying summer so far.  This week the kids and I went to a splash park,  swimming (where I succeeded in turning my legs a lovely shade of burning, hot, red), a couple of parks, soccer practice (really laid back sports camp), and today I’m baking a pumpkin pie just so we can eat it for breakfast tomorrow…with sausage links (not the right season, but I don’t care).  Of course there’s been knitting too.

Pattern from Vintage Baby Knits: Cleo Kitty Slippers–minus the kitty, cross the straps, no buttons, extra puff. Yarn: Plymouth Neon Now and Caron Simply Soft held together throughout. Color: neon coral

Tilly’s eye-killingly, bright slippers with poms (or tinkerballs— depending on whether or not you are six).

I’ve also gotten a little further on the “64 Socks.”  I am not knitting 64 socks…that is just their name.

20140606_155132_1These socks have no deadline, and therefore, I am free to knit them at my own leisurely pace.  I still have the lavender baby blanket to work on, but what do you want to bet that I’ll start a new project over the weekend?  I bet a million dollars.  Any takers?

Hey, it’s Friday!  I hope you all have really nice weekends.


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