Toe Pain

Warning:  descriptions of pain ensue (no gross photos though)…proceed at your own risk.  (If you’re slightly squeamish and just want to see cute stuff, scroll on down until you see Tilly).

I’ve had babies and surgery, I’ve had minor cuts and burns that have left scars, I’ve broken my nose, I’ve been punched in the stomach and the arm (really hard…5th grade boy), and I’ve been stung by a wasp twice on the neck.  There have probably been lots of other painful incidents that I don’t recall, but none of them have brought quite the same effect or reaction as toe pain (except for maybe that time when I was in 9th grade and the orthodontist accidentally jammed one of those fairly thick wires into the gums in the back of my mouth).  Anyway…that’s right…toe pain.  Why is it that no matter how hard you stub your toe it always feels like it’s broken?  Maybe you remove your sock to check out the damage because, man, that was some really intense pain…your toe is probably purple and twisty…but, nope, the toe looks perfectly normal.  It feels the same whether you actually break it or not.  I know this from experience because last summer I ripped off half of a pinky toenail and possibly broke the toe by jamming it into some metal bit on the bottom of a Target cart.  I can’t even help out someone else with toe pain…it’s too painful by association (Ben can attest to this; after he nearly ripped off the end of his pinky toe by slamming it against the coffee table, I just ran away grimacing and shrieking “toe pain!”).

What does all of this have to do with knitting?  Well…


It’s a different kind of toe pain.  One where I know I’ve messed up the sock’s toe pretty badly (on the first sock), but I’m too lazy to go back and fix it.  The toe on the left is just not really the shape of my toes.  Wanna see?

Sorry…bad lighting for this one.

The sock on the left (sock #1 of pair #3) has issues.  I don’t know yet; maybe I’ll go back and fix it, or maybe I’ll just wear these guys like I wear slippers…it’s good for me to have slippers.  If I don’t wear slippers then I end up with more toe pain…possibly stubbing them on the bathroom door frame or the coffee table….yikes…toe pain!

Let’s talk about something cuter…how about Tilly in her new Penelope Vest:

captured_by_snapseed_665_1She got to wear it out today because the weather played along and decided to be cool and cloudy this morning.


It turned out soft and cute and just the right size.


Pattern and yarn details:  I mostly followed the 3-4 size of the Penelope Vest pattern from Lovely Knits for Little Girls (this Ravelry link doesn’t have a picture of the vest and the book was also published under a different name).  I added a bit of horizontal ribbing at the shoulders to lengthen the armholes, and I picked up and bound off two extra bits of knitting at the bottom of the vest for added length and charm.  Yarn is Debbie Macomber’s Gerbera Solid 100% wool…it’s probably discontinued…I enjoyed knitting with it.  Something like Paton’s single ply worsted wool or Lamb’s Pride worsted would make a good substitute.


In the end, I still had a little bit of yarn left, but mostly it’s used up.  This is good because right now I have a lot of yarn, and I’ve told myself that I can’t buy more until I de-stash, like, a whole tote’s worth.  Sadly, this not only affects me, but also, those I knit for.  This means that Larissa’s baby will have to settle for more wool.  Though I promise to make it as summery a wool as I can. ;)

Have a lovely weekend!



3 thoughts on “Toe Pain

  1. Re: toe pain- the WORST pain I’ve ever had was a shot in the end of my big toe! I mean it
    Re: Tily- good pictures, adorable girl and great vest!!

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