My small one graduated from Kindergarten yesterday.  I am convinced that the sole purpose for having a kindergarten graduation is to be overwhelmed with cuteness and to be able to say that your child has graduated at least once in their lifetime.  It feels very successful.

Tilly is home with me today, and today is also my son’s last day of school.  I’m pretty excited about summer vacation;  I really like all the fun.  I need to remember to balance everything though.  I have goals for this summer.  Goals to be a better example and teacher of my children with how I spend my time and how I want them to spend theirs.  For example: less electronics and tv, more maintaining cleanliness and daily chores, lots of reading, lots of playing outside and swimming and walking and bike riding…oh, and craft time of course.  Any advice on balancing? … any tips and tricks are very much appreciated. :)

It’s gonna be a great summer!

Speaking of summer, I realized awhile back that the little rainbow BSJ I knit for Larissa might be a bit warm for a Midwest, summer baby (air-conditioning can be brutal though, so I’m sure it’ll get a little wear), so I may have something in the works that’s less wooly.  I’ll show you all after I mail off the baby package…soonish.

For now, I have Penelope Vest progress to show you.


It’s almost done.  It was all done (except for the seaming), but I ended up having an entire ball of yarn left…an entire ball!  Either my math is incredibly bad or the yardage/meterage on this pattern overshot the amount of yarn needed.  I decided to try to use up the rest of the yarn with some add-ons.  The vest seemed a wee bit small when held around Tilly, so I’ll be adding a little extra to the shoulder area to make the armholes roomier; I’ve also added on to the bottom.  I didn’t knit to the full 4 inches (10cm) that the pattern suggested the first time around because I was trying to conserve yarn, so I only knit about 2.5 inches.  So I’ve gone back to the bottom and picked up and knit all the stitches from the wrong side and bound off (I’m doing this part twice for effect).

captured_by_snapseed_657_1_1Tilly’s vest will not look the same as the pattern picture, which I’m a little sad about because I liked the simplicity, but it will still be cute and warm.  That’s another reason I’m making it bigger, so that Tilly can hopefully still wear this when Fall comes back around.  Here’s to not growing too much during the summer!

Happy Wednesday!




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