…I forgot

As life happens sometimes, I’ve recently had some twists and turns thrown my way.  Nothing life-threatening or even really life-altering, just something that takes up more time than it should and causes extra stress.  This is (partly) how I cope with stress:

captured_by_snapseed_582_1I sort through my yarn (this is not all of it, of course, just the stuff that could fit on the couch).  I reorganize and look and feel and imagine.  Very therapeutic.

I also find things that I had forgotten or abandoned.

Back in January, I was knitting pretty lavender baby things for Corrie and Lena. I purchased lots of different lavender yarn and started a few things.  One was a baby blanket with a lovely squishy, garter stitch middle, but I realized I wasn’t going to have time to knit the edging, so I went with bulkier yarn and a different plan.  The other night the garter stitch square resurfaced, and I decided to finish the blanket…for some unknown future baby.

I showed you a book the other day: The Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting by Elizabeth Lovick.  It’s a beautiful and interesting book.  It has a few patterns at the end, but it’s purpose is really to get the knitter to try designing things.  I’m using the book to help finish the blanket.  I’ve picked a pattern for the border–“small diamonds”–except I’m doing a stockinette stitch background instead of garter stitch background.  Then later, when I’ve finished that, I’ll pick an edging.  Fair warning: any time you design something there is going to be math involved…there’s just no getting around it.  I’m liking the results so far, but I haven’t done much yet.

captured_by_snapseed_584_1Did I tell you that I now have 3 different projects on the needles?  Progress…woo!  Slippers (there was a bit of a color change there after Tilly realized the colors she chose looked like a unicorn threw up on 70’s carpet), the last bit of sock #2 of pair #3, and the baby blanket.  I’m casting on a 4th one later.  It’s this:

captured_by_snapseed_587_1It’s an adorable vest from the book Lovely Knits for Little Girls by Vibe Ulrik Sondergaard.  Layering is a must here in Colorado, so vests are perfect.  50 degrees (10 celsius) can feel like 80 (27C) in the sunshine or 40 (5C) in the shade…it’s pretty crazy.   My favorite part of this little vest is the back.

captured_by_snapseed_588_1I really love that gathered little detail.  Very cute.  This will be for Tilly.

Speaking of Tilly, I better get going…field trip.  I get to watch a theatrical version of Lyle the Crocodile with about 60 kindergarteners.  It should be fun. :)





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