The End is Near…but so is the beginning

Is it just me or does this bit of Spring seem extra busy?  It’s been harder to get things done around here these last couple weeks.  I think it’s another of those transitional times that leaves everything a little disordered and chaotic.  I’m not really the kind of person that thrives on busyness.  I get weird (weirder?) and a little squirrelly.  I start worrying about missing things like appointments and field trips and bills and whether or not I was supposed to pick up that kid from Tilly’s class on the way to school.  I’m also trying to keep the end of school year stuff with the kids straight, but it’s getting mixed up with summery stuff like playgrounds and rolling around in dirt and swimming.  There’s finishing furniture projects and trying to cram doctor appointments into the free space.  There are the library books that need returning and the everyday chores that need doing.  There are fun things like family to spend time with and friends to hang out with and sleepovers and holidays and church.  And not so fun things like big and little bits of organization that need finishing and calling the cable company because the box doesn’t work, which only matters on Sunday nights when we watch “Cutthroat Kitchen” and somebody really needs to clean the gerbil cage, and the windows, and the desk…

And to top it all off… the icing on the cake of busy-ness and mental overload?…  that would be the slippers, which I’m happy to report, are done (phew).


I even managed to choose the buttons myself this time.  Little pearly ones.  And then there are the cute little cat faces.

captured_by_snapseed_578_1 The slippers didn’t get finished without a few more missteps though.  The slippers I started last week…well, they were too big for 7-year-old feet.  They are so big that they are mostly too big even for me.

My feet on right, Tilly's on left
My feet on right, Tilly’s on left

In fact, they are big enough to fit the feet of a man who is 6′ 4″ and is wearing socks.  Wanna see?

It takes the manliest of men to model glittery, super pink, little girl slippers. Thanks for the foot modeling, Benjamin!

Now I know that these sizing issues could most likely have been avoided with swatching (for gauge) and perhaps some math, but neither of those interested me, so I skipped them.  I guessed and cast on with a smaller needle in the smaller of the two sizes listed in the pattern.  The second time I had success…thank goodness.

I like this pattern. It’s stretchy, which ensures that the slippers will fit as the foot grows up and until the slippers fall apart from too much wear.  It really is a nice pattern.  I may be starting to like it even, which turns out to be a good thing since Tilly now has to have a pair.  Luckily, hers are not going to be cats, which means no fiddly ears or embroidering of cat features.  It does mean that I have to make slippers with these two yarn held together (as requested).


They will also have puffballs on the toes (“just like Tinkerbell’s”).

I won’t be only knitting slippers this time though.  I’ve decided to cast on lots of projects.  I’m really gonna try to beat my “one-at-a-time” curse because it makes me a little sad when I finish a project.  And it makes starting another one seem daunting somehow.

So, I’ve been looking through a lot of my books and magazines and I’m planning on making something from each of these:


And possibly starting a cardigan for myself…and maybe more baby stuff for Larissa…and probably more socks because I’m now to the point that I would be okay knitting plain ones without having to look at a pattern.  Good times are ahead.

…if I can just make it through the next week and a half of busyness then summer should be easy, right? Please tell me it will be so.



2 thoughts on “The End is Near…but so is the beginning

  1. The slippers are cute, well done! It seems overwhelmingly busy here too with the end of school/start of summer. Good luck with your new projects, Stella’s slippers sound fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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