The lovely and talented Debbie (of the comments) called me out yesterday.  About the slippers.

So here’s how my week has gone down so far…slipper updates and all:

Monday:  still snowing. too cold. snow fell on me. blogged about benches.  knit almost nothing. body went into hibernation mode.  barely managed regular life stuff.

Tuesday: snow melting. still cold. not enough coffee. knit on third pair of socks.  split remaining yarn evenly for two socks.  ran out of red yarn at decrease stitches for toe.

I'll finish them off with a little bit of camping/army green.
I’ll finish them off with a little bit of camping/army green.

Wednesday:  snow gone.  brain and hands completely thawed.  avoid blog due to slipper shame. decide to start slippers.  same pattern as last kitty slippers only changing strap slightly this time.


did laundry.  remembered to get haircut.  took Tilly to playground after sad outburst describing missed chances and monkey bars.  worked on slippers more. discovered ‘Life Unexpected’ on Netflix.  watched a lot of ‘Life Unexpected’ on Netflix.  stayed up late.  still unfinished slippers.  remember (too late) at 12:50am that it is (was) brother-in-law, Josiah’s birthday (happy late birthday, josiah! he is quiet, funny, and takes excellent photos).

Thursday:  do regular morning ‘life’ stuff.  text sister: ‘Happy 10th Anniversary.’  think about sister and her hubs, Will (aka: Vilhelm).  feel amused because they are funny.  drive to airport.  meet with bff, Charity, and her two lovely and charming girls as they have a longish layover.  have very nice visit with Charity.  note her bravery for navigating DIA (Denver Intl. Airport) to see me as it involves confusion and an underground train.  discuss Minecraft with her eldest.  am able to keep up with conversation due to my own 9 year-old’s proclivity toward all things Minecraft.  maybe i also play Minecraft.  so what.

We no longer live in the same state, so it was fun to see them even for a short time. Have a great trip, ladies!

leave airport.  arrive at Costco.  think about calling Erika or my Dad.  decide against phone calls as it prolongs agony of love/hate relationship of being in Costco.  * put things in cart. decide too many things in cart. put some things back. *  repeat from * to * for an hour.  arrive home.  remember I forgot to buy olive oil. drink coffee.

Well, that’s it.  I would say that I hope to finish the slippers tonight, but I’m not making any more slipper promises or giving anyone (ahem…Debbie) any extra hope.  They will be done when they are done.  I’m hoping that somehow saying that I don’t care when they get finished will help me finish them…I’m ‘reverse psychology-ing’ myself.  I hope it works.

Have a Happy Thursday!

Oh, and as a last thought, a big ‘Welcome Home!’ to Aunt Carol and Uncle Roger!  It’s nice to know you two are back. Hope to see you soon!




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