A Lovely Weekend

Waay back in March, I bought two chairs for $6 from a thrift store.  Does anyone remember these?

thrift store chairs

I claimed that they were going to be turned into a wooden bench…with the help of my husband.  He’s a pretty busy guy, and we don’t always have a lot of free time on the weekends, so the project was put off for a couple of months.

Fast forward to (near) Mother’s Day, and we decided that getting this project up and running would make a wonderful gift.  (That and breakfast (not in bed…not a big fan of ‘breakfast in bed’)).

It was snowing for a good part of the weekend (snow?!… in May!?…grrr), so we mostly built this bench inside…in our living room.  This worked out fine until a little measuring error occurred and to correct it Ben decided it would be a good idea to drill through metal.  I think drilling through metal is freakish and scary, but he did it with very little problem.

However, I did ask him to “please” not set the living room on fire with sparks;  he kind of laughed that off, but later when we were vacuuming we found little metal chips melted to the carpet.  Lesson learned.

It’s actually never a super-good idea to do construction work in living rooms.  I learned this at a young age when my Dad (may have) cut a slash in the living room carpet with a power saw.  My mom got a very lovely coffee table out of  it.  I got my bench:



Isn’t it great! It’s big enough to fit three people, or, the more likely scenario: me, knitting, and a cup of coffee.  It still needs to be sanded and clear-coated, but it’s a bench, and it’s fantastic.  Thanks to my love, the Benja-ninja.  :)

As a random bonus gift he agreed to help me haul this lovely bit of (free) furniture into our apartment from the curb.


It’s a huge chest/seat.  It still needs to be sanded and repainted.  I don’t mind orange, but it’s chipping, and whoever painted it didn’t really do a great job.  So I’ve cleaned it up, Ben fixed a messed-up hinge, we removed the faux-drawer knobs, and we will soon have a place at the end of our bed to store blankets and linens.  Extra storage makes me way more excited than it probably should, but we have no linen closet, so I’ve just been storing all of those things in our bedroom closet.  You wanna see the inside?  It’s huge.

captured_by_snapseed_558_1 Lovely.

It was a great Mother’s Day…filled with benches and family.

The snow ruined my chances of getting to hold a cute, little baby though.  So, I had to comfort myself by starting another sock.

captured_by_snapseed_565_1My sister, lovely and wise woman that she is, suggested I procrastinate on the slippers (so I have, but just over the weekend).  Did I mention it’s snowing?! In May?!…the middle of May!?

It’s a good thing I knitted boot socks.  Too bad I’m wearing them in the Spring.



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