Mind over Matter

I have done it!!!!

Oh, you thought I meant the slippers?  No, that would be a relief, but they didn’t work out.  More on that in a bit.

What did I do?…well, I have this tiny, little washing machine.  And amazingly confusingly, it is also a dryer…only the dryer part of it is pretty craptastic and takes a whole day to dry half a normal-sized load of laundry and sometimes it overheats and burns all of your white shirts and then you have to go buy all new ones (big breath).  It’s irksome.  I mostly just try to hang our laundry to dry…it saves energy and all that.

So, I try to stay on top of the laundry, but one or two loads of laundry a day doesn’t cut it around here, so occasionally, to stay on track, I wash a few loads and then haul it over to the laundry building to put in the dryers.  I did this all day yesterday and part of today, and finally I’m done (well, as done as you can be with kids)!  Yay for me!

Ben (the husband) has been in New York for most of this week (he’s back now), and while I miss him dearly when he’s away, it affords me a certain freedom to neglect things like making a proper dinner (kids don’t care) and trying to at least tidy up a little before he gets home.  And instead, turn everything inside out, reorganize and possibly dust along the way, and then put everything back in new and confusing wonderful locations.  Everybody in my family loves when I do this.

I got most of the things on my ‘Ben’s Away To-Do List’ done, so I’m pretty happy about that.   My knitting to-do list was, unfortunately, neglected. I’m wondering how long I can keep promising slippers before everyone gets tired of reading about my failure…is it now?  how ’bout now?

Well, I didn’t get that last pattern to work out, so I’ve got a couple more ideas before I admit defeat.  I’m hoping (really, really) that I’ll have slippers to show you next week.  I’ll do my best over the weekend.

Speaking of weekends…

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, so I want to give a shout out to all the Mom’s out there…keep up the good work (even if you think it’s bad work; if you love your kids, it’s still “good work”)!  A special message to my own Mom: Love you bunches, Mom!  I couldn’t have asked for a better Mom than you!  Wish I could spend it with you, but maybe we can talk or Skype instead.  Thanks for teaching me what it means to love.  :)

Also, a Happy 1st Mother’s Day to Corrie, my lovely sister-in-law.  Today is also Corrie’s birthday, so “Happy Birthday!” too.  I have known Corrie for her whole life, and I can tell you that she is kind and so very generous and giving.  She has been brave and hopeful in this life so far, despite life’s twist and turns, and I am proud of her.  Corrie, you’re amazing. :)

So, what will I be doing on Mother’s Day?

I will be watching this:

I loved these movies when I was a kid.  Hmm…are they kid appropriate?  I don't remember.
I loved these movies when I was a kid. Hmm…are they kid appropriate? I don’t remember.

And drinking this:


Playing with these guys:

Dodge, Tilly, and my baby niece, Lena. I’m babysitting for a while on Mother’s Day, and I can assure you that I’m overjoyed to be doing it. I get to hold a cute baby!

Skyping (possibly) with Moms…both mine and Ben’s.

And (hopefully) helping Ben build a new bench for the balcony.  Grand plans!

Happy Mother’s Day!

(Oh yeah, and I’ll knit the slippers too.)



4 thoughts on “Mind over Matter

  1. Don’t stress yourself over the slippers…for real. Jules knows nothing about it so you have all the time in the world. Maybe I shouldn’t encourage you to procrastinate, but I totally would! Love you Kimby…Happy Mothers Day!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, Kim :) you are so sweet. Thank you so much for your shout out. I am hoping to follow your example in motherhood. You are one of the best moms I have ever met.

    Liked by 1 person

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