My boot socks are finished.  This is good news because it means I have avoided SSS (second sock syndrome: the waning of interest…leads to only one finished sock).  Now I have something to put away for Fall.  Makes me feel prepared.

Basic Sock Pattern from Knitting Rules.  Patons Classic Wool.
Basic Sock Pattern from Knitting Rules. Patons Classic Wool.

At least, I’m more prepared than Ben, the husband.  I spent all of this past Fall and Winter stealing his extra-large (and fantastic) hiking socks.  Between the two of us we managed to put some pretty nice holes in 2 out of his 3 pairs.  I owe the man some socks…but instead, I’m knitting them for myself.

Is it sad that these are the first socks that I’ve knit (and get to keep) for myself?  I was looking over my Finished Projects page on Ravelry and noticed that while I am capable of knitting socks, I don’t do it often.  My average is about one pair per year.  Hardly prolific.  I’ve always wanted to be the kind of knitter that has a pair of socks always on the go, but I never seem to manage.  I’m a bit of a project monogamist.  Usually one project at a time; very rarely two.  This is not entirely by choice though.  I’ve tried to start more projects than that, but it doesn’t seem to work out.  It’s happened often enough that I call it “the curse” (in my head. Don’t want anyone thinking I’m strange).  It’s like my current project doesn’t want me showing any love to a new project…sometimes it’s downright sabotage.

Examples:  Do you remember the Cast On problems with the Baby Surprise Jacket?  Yep, that was “the curse.”  I already had the Green Scarf on the needles, and it was having none of that multi-colored, bright, baby-sized knitting. Somehow, I persevered through the hardships and knit forth…I broke through on that one.  But this weekend; well, it was another story.  I had full intentions of starting and (hopefully) finishing some slippers for my niece, Jules. I gathered slipper information, perused patterns and websites, collected materials, and cast on.  I was fully prepared.



It didn’t work out.

Here are my attempts, looking for all the world like the beginnings of a slipper for a 7 year-old, but they lie.  I tried a couple of different things, but it just wasn’t working.  First it turned out too big, then too small, then I remembered that I hate knitting soles, then I gave up.  

Instead, I started the second of the boot socks; knit during family movie night, a few episodes of House, a couple of months worth of Yarn Harlot blog archives and Bam!…sock finished.  

This morning I found a less nauseating different slipper pattern (already in my queue), the right yarn combination, and a better attitude.  Everything is going smoothly…no curse.

It's this pattern here.  I'm altering the size, and I'll add in extra details.
It’s this pattern here. I’m altering the size, and I’ll add in extra details.

Maybe it’s my destiny…project monogamy.  It means I almost always finish what I start.

What say you, fellow knitters…harlots or monogamists?  Any other curses lurking about?



6 thoughts on “Curses

  1. The socks look wonderful! I seem to have the exact opposite problem. I can’t have any less than 2 or 3 projects going at the same time and sometimes a fourth that will sit for months (years) in between working on it.

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  2. My number of projects is correlated with my stress level. If I’m really stressed, I’ll usually only have one thing going so I can see my progress and feel good about getting stuff done. If I’m not stressed, I have many projects because I’m not using knitting to feel like I’ve got things sorted out :P

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