Done and Done and One to Go

My finished knitting and I went on a walk this afternoon.  The weather was so nice today that I had to take a break from the organizing and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.  I decided to try and get some FO (finished object) photos…maybe even with some springtime loveliness in the background.  Well, I failed, but I learned a few things.  For example, I learned that if you would like to take a picture of a scarf, perhaps with some beautiful spring flowers, you will be out of luck.  All flowers will disappear and the branches of the flowering trees will be too tall.

captured_by_snapseed_501_1 You will have to settle for a fence.  Possibly with a tree behind it.

captured_by_snapseed_499_1I think it’s pretty amazing how this green scarf can look like it varies in greenness.  That’s the sheen of the silk in the yarn.  When the sun hits it, it glows a little…makes it hard to photograph though.  Here’s what the scarf went through prior to our walk:

Finished dimensions: 65″ long x 14″ wide…it (unofficially) falls into the “wrap” category.

Thank goodness this scarf is finished.  I love when things are finished.

Moving on: I also learned that it is really hard to photograph knitted items outdoors without looking a little strange.


There was a man who walked by while I was posing this little finished Baby Surprise Jacket (with buttons! hurray!) on a tree stump.  I don’t know what he was thinking, but after he initially glanced over, he dared not look again…poor confused man.

I love how this little jacket turned out.  The Zauberball yarn mixed with the pink make this jacket look like a beautiful, slightly vintage, rainbow.  And for me, rainbows represent a promise. I think that translates really well in the context of parents and babies.  After all, the relationship between parents and their children is full of (often unspoken) promises. I promise to love you.  I promise to care for you, protect you, teach you, and guide you.  I promise to let you go.  I promise to always be here.

I sewed on the buttons with little bits of the pink yarn.  I’m not sure if you’re supposed to sew on buttons with yarn, but I couldn’t think of any reason not to.


The buttons are more blue in real life.

The last bit of knitting that went on the walk with me was a boot sock…extra thick and slightly too big for layering purposes.  It’s knitted from Patons Classic Wool in colors red and marled gray (gray marl?).  I started this sock on Tuesday evening and spent a good deal of yesterday waiting around knitting on the sock while my car was getting an oil change.


One sock down, one to go.  This sock pattern is (mostly) the basic sock pattern from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s book: Knitting Rules.  I threw in a little shaping because it’s taller than a regular sock, but not by much.

It also covers my “knit pattern from book I own” challenge requirements.  Lace Ribbon Scarf: internet, Baby Surprise Jacket: book I own, Boot Sock: book I own.

Now, just for fun, let me introduce you to my sister.  She took a selfie with her new purple scarf.

Told you her eyes are super blue!

Nice job, Sister!  She thought maybe this picture wouldn’t be good enough for me to use…

My only response is this:

I couldn’t get the whole scarf in a selfie shot, so I had Tilly try. Maybe she’ll get the hang of it eventually?

Ooh, and one more thing for fun:  Remember Tilly’s Dutch project?

captured_by_snapseed_512_1We made paper wooden shoes and a hat (directions found here)…too cute!




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