What’s Left?

My children have stolen my Monday…I am mostly okay with this.  My to-do list is looking a little sad though.

I woke up today with my daughter asking me if she could watch TV (she always asks this…every. single. morning. …even though we only let her do this on weekends) and my son asking me to make chocolate Malt-o-Meal. That was (obviously) way too much to expect of me pre-coffee on a Monday morning…I was a little grumpy…I may have snapped at the husband a little too (also Malt-o-Meal related, but for different reasons, sorry about that, husband).  Anyway, the kiddos have the first two days of this week off of school, which I actually really love, but they woke up sooooo early.  As soon as the sun was up, so was my girl.  Mostly though, I enjoy their days off because it means snuggling, reading, playing, watching, and most importantly also, it means I don’t have to drive them to school.  This means that we can all stay in our pajamas and not have to hurry.  It’s nice.  It’s relaxing kind of.

This week though, they both have big projects due.  ‘People of the Plains’ and ‘a trip around the world’ kind of big.  My son’s class is studying Native Americans and they must build a landscape of the regional peoples they are studying equipped with accurate lodging and environment.  There is a whole list of materials that may not be used…you know, anything that might make it easier.  My daughter’s project is to choose a country other than the one she lives in and make a poster showing places to visit, food, clothes, and a map.  It’s a “family project.”  We’re doing the Netherlands or Nederland (in Dutch).  Some people call it Holland, but that’s really just one of the provinces.  My husband is half Dutch, so it seems fitting to study a little heritage.  Both projects have incurred some pretty extensive messes and thoughts of me knitting things of a project related nature. (The knitting ideas were dismissed after looking again at the messes.)

In the midst of this we’ve been watching Kid Snippets and Kid History on YouTube.  It has absolutely nothing to do with Native Americans or the Netherlands…it’s just really funny.  These are videos of a family of brothers who act out things using their kids’ voices…check it out (if you haven’t seen it already) it’s funny and addictive…and family friendly.

Let’s take a look at what’s left on my to-do list, shall we?

Monday’s To-Do List (in no particular order):

  1. Finish fringe on Green Scarf.  Wash and block.
  2. Sew buttons on Baby Surprise Jacket.
  3. Make Native Americans and a buffalo head out of clay and/or paper.
  4. Google traditional clothes of the Netherlands.  Print something.
  5. Make breakfast.
  6. Do dishes.
  7. Do loads…and loads…and loads….and loads of laundry.
  8. Start knitting boot socks for myself for the upcoming Fall…never too early to start.
  9. Start knitting slippers for my other niece, Jules.  Due in part to the mental image of Jules trying on Adi’s kitty slippers (I think I learned this from a phone conversation with my mom) and wishing she had some of her own.
  10. Organize my sewing area.  It is spilling out into the main living room area.  It’s also impeding the ability to use the balcony.
  11. Work more on Flower/Fairy Quilt.  Quilted a little this weekend during terrible, newest James Bond movie…prefer old James Bond movies…hand quilting takes forever.
  12. Find brilliant project to knit out of “little blue.”
  13. Have kids work on other homework and reading logs.
  14. Clean bathrooms.
  15. Hang little bookshelves from Ikea.
  16. Stop buying more books.
  17. Fold laundry.
  18. Make lunch.
  19. Write blog.
  20. Sew long, skinny pillow case so that my daughter can have body pillow out of two existing short, skinny pillows.
  21. Drink a million cups of coffee.
  22. Play outside.
  23. Take donation boxes to car.
  24. Clean car.
  25. Return library books.
  26. Make to-do list.
  27. Remember to show blog purple scarf.

I have a few things left to accomplish today, but I can knock off that last one now.  Remember Strathcona, the scarf I was knitting for my sister’s birthday?  Well, I haven’t shown you the finished pictures yet, so here ya go:


Shown here in the park before Spring fully kicked in.


And shown here being modeled by Tilly.  This was right before school, and I almost made them late…just to get a picture of the scarf in it’s preferred habitat: the neck of a human.

Well, it’s been fun for today, but I must get back to my list.  I think I forgot to add:

28: Color white faux fleece with fabric markers until it resembles buffalo fur.

My life is now complete.


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