I Confess

Dearest Erika, my friend from afar (by “afar” I mean Texas),

I have a confession.  Remember last year when you still lived here and I was teaching you how to knit?  You made those cute little fingerless gloves for your darling little boy.  You used real wool and everything…it was all very triumphant.  Then do you remember how I lured you in introduced you to the wonderful world of LYS’s (local yarn shops)?  We went to the Recycled Lamb, and I know you were there with me when we bought that gorgeous Henry’s Attic alpaca stuff, but were you there when I bought that little blue skein of sock weight yarn?  Were you there when my face lit up at finding the most beautiful, tonally-variegated, bright blue wool I’ve ever laid eyes on?  …seriously, I can’t remember…the beauty of the yarn must’ve erased my memory.

I was so excited to knit the little blue yarn that I started a scarf for your darling boy…a little keyhole scarf…he’s very stylish.  It only took a few hours to knit.  It was heartbreakingly blue. I was so excited to give it to you that I even forgot to take pictures for my Ravelry projects page.  Anyway, I think he liked it. Do you remember some time after that asking if you could buy the rest of the little blue yarn from me?  I agreed to the deal.  You needed the rest of the yarn to make him matching fingerless gloves.  The idea was so lovely when I pictured it in my head that I couldn’t refuse you my beloved “little blue.” So I found the remaining yarn in my stash, petted it, sighed, then brought it to one of our meet ups at the park.  You paid me for the remainder…because it was costly and my yarn budget is sparse.  The yarn and I parted ways…  Then you and I parted ways as you headed for Texas.

Since then, over the phone, we have reminisced about the bygone days of yarn and yarn shopping, and I have missed both you and “little blue.”

Imagine my surprise then, that while I was searching through my overflowing three and a half rubbermaid totes   reasonably sized yarn stash I came across this:

Yarn: Pagewood Farms, St. Elias Colorway: Blue 80% Bluefaced Leicester Wool 20% Nylon
Yarn: Pagewood Farms, St. Elias
Colorway: Blue
80% Bluefaced Leicester Wool
20% Nylon

It’s more of “little blue” and while I would like to think that the little guy missed me so much that he trekked across a few states and finally made his way home…to me…weep…I think what probably happened was that I didn’t see this bit when I was searching.  So I owe you.  And while I could pretend that I’m going to send you this little bit of yarn that I have found, I think we both know that I will not.

How about I buy you lunch, ooh, or more yarn, the next time you come into town?  Can you ever forgive me?  I have brought shame upon myself and my family.  Yarn shame.

Love and misses,


(unashamed giggle…I wonder what this yarn should be…)


3 thoughts on “I Confess

  1. Kim, you crack me up!! I remember this very well. As much as you loved the beautiful blue yarn, Liam loved it even more!!! There was no discussion in his mind about whether or not it would become his. Once he laid eyes on it, he really struggled to let it out of his clutches. You were so sweet, seeing the excitement in his eyes, quickly promising him a beautiful creation made especially for him. He didn’t realize how fortunate he was receiving such a lovely scarf made by YOU!!
    I am so happy you found a little more of the beautiful blue yarn for yourself!!


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