Nothing to Complain About

A few weeks ago a friend and I were discussing where we shop for groceries.  (Brace yourselves. This is about to get ridiculous…excessive first world problems kind of ridiculous.)

I try to do a week’s worth of grocery shopping all on one day.  I cannot convey to you how much I don’t like grocery shopping.  My face gets all scowlish just thinking about it.  I spend too much money, I buy too much food…then I do it again the next week…and again…and again…and again.  Well, I should clarify about the ‘spending too much’ part…I have a set budget (that I’ve made for myself).  And I always have this plan:  Costco for bulk items and eggs and milk.  Sprout Market, Whole Foods, or Natural Grocers for fruits and veg.  King Soopers for anything else.  I have a budget, but my goal is to spend under budget.  This never happens.  But I always berate myself a little for not being able to stay under budget.  I suspect that’s messed up.  But, nevertheless, it makes me feel like I failed.  So I’ve driven all over the place (super green, I know), spent all the grocery money, and then I get home and try to figure out why I buy so many items from Costco when we have nowhere to put the groceries.  Then I feel surly and complainey.

Then I look at all the food and remember:   I. Am. Grateful.  It’s pretty amazing to be able to pay for and acquire this much food.  So… I will stop loathing “grocery day” and remember that spending a few hours out of one day so that my family has food for a whole week (and more than that with the canned stuff) is unimaginable to some; it is lavish and impossible.  Perhaps, I will try harder to stay under budget so that my family’s excess can go to places and people who have less but are not less.  Maybe ‘grocery day’ can be my new favorite.    I’ll save my griping for washing dishes instead…

Something else to be grateful for:  Knitting.  It’s a hobby and it keeps me from losing my sanity it’s got practical applications, but it is not something that I need to do…it is something I like to do.  I’m really thankful that I get to do things I enjoy…like knitting this:


The pretty yarn blob.  I love it’s blobbiness.


Seen here in its morphing state of half blob/ half sweater.  Do you know what happens next?  It’s got two little seams at the top of the shoulders that I need to sew up, and then…


Buttons.  I need to choose buttons.  Perhaps this blog should’ve been called “Please Help Me Choose Buttons…All the Time, Forever and Ever.”

Is it just me or does it seem a little strange to start talking about food and gratefulness and end up at ‘buttons’?  Maybe I’m having an odd day.  Happy Thursday!  Hope it’s an odd one!

Oh wait, I was gonna show you the Green Scarf…not done yet, of course:


It’s blobby too, but in more of a “lacy” way.  That yarn ball hiding amongst the stitches is all I have left to knit.  I have a small ball that I’m saving for fringe, but that’s all that’s left.  Hip Hip.

Okay, now “Happy Thursday!”  Go. Be free.


7 thoughts on “Nothing to Complain About

  1. I have never enjoyed shopping but I do enjoy organizing all that food in my freezer and pantry shelves, standing back and looking at it, and thanking God that we are not hungry. I really like the way the blue buttons look on it.

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