Weekends, Green Scarves, and The Sister List

Over the weekend my son had a sleepover with one of his friends.  This little friend of his (sweet boy) talks nonstop and every other word that comes out of his mouth is at a decibel level that makes my brain die in short bursts.  When he speaks, the only response I can come up with is to blink slowly with my mouth hanging open.  He was bummed when he had to go home and asked if he could stay “forever.”  I told him this wasn’t possible as then all of my sanity would leak out of my ears.  He gave me a knowing look and laughed.

Hope you all had nice weekends.  It snowed all day here on Sunday, so I got in some good cozy knitting time.  Yesterday, I spent my “blogging” time perusing Ravelry for new projects.  I couldn’t help myself; I forget that when I knit big, green things (like my spring scarf…it’s big enough to be considered a wrap…I’ll still wear it like a scarf though), I get the urge to move on pretty quickly.  That’s because the first sweater (this pattern here in size XL) I ever knitted was for my 6’3″ husband.  (correction: he’s 6′ 4″…he informed me of this…accuracy is important).  I used green Wool-Ease.  It was endlessly green knitting for (what felt like) months.  I was a ‘one project at a time’ kinda gal, and it almost broke me.  I call it The Green Monster.  It’s been 9 years since I made it, so I thought I was safe from it’s clutches, but it lives on in closely-related-green knits.

I’ll keep slogging away on the green scarf (it really is a nice scarf), but I’m considering breaking up the monotony with this:

Left: Schaffhauser Wolle Mon Amour *discontinued, but oh so super soft (colorway 25 pink) Right: Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball (colorway 1564 Tropical Fish)

I might put them together for a Baby Surprise Jacket.

In other news, today is my sister’s birthday. :)  Happy Birthday, Kristen!  

In her honor, I will give you a list of things about my sister.

  1. Most of my family and I call her ‘Noodle’.  This originated from calling her ‘Krispy Noodle.’  Neither of these nicknames make a lot of sense.  It seems a family tradition though…my Grandma Peggy’s sisters were called Pansy, Punkin’, Crackers, and Snookie.   Carry forth the tradition, Dear Sister.
  2. She has the prettiest eyes in the universe.  They are a crystal clear light blue/gray.  They are the exact kind of eyes I would choose for the elves in Lord of the Rings…if I got to choose such things. They were also really big and beautiful when she was a little girl.  Her two daughters have inherited this feature…I’ve always been a little jealous of that.
  3. She is the oldest, I am the middle, our brother is the youngest.  She and I are only 18 months apart, and we were the same size for a lot of our childhood.  Sometimes people thought we were twins…it didn’t help that we had the same initials either.
  4. She’s brilliant at her job.  I’m not completely sure what she does, but I know it’s done in an office.  I know she’s brilliant at it because she works hard…always has…and her coworkers and her bosses almost always love her.   She also loves office supplies…I think that helps.
  5. She’s allergic to stuff.  Pets, the outdoors, cumin…  Yeah, cumin.  It’s a spice used commonly in both Mexican food and Indian food.  It also means that when the ingredient list on the back of labels ends with “spices,” she can’t eat it…just to be safe.  It is a deep tragedy that she should not be able to taste certain foods…but it led to some pretty creative cooking on my Mom’s part when we were kids.  Have you ever tasted Indian food, Noodle?
  6. Her birthday lands on Tax Day.  This is the deadline day in the continental U.S. for filing taxes with the IRS.  Somehow, this seems to fit with my sister.  She had a thing for playing Monopoly™ when we were kids…and following rules.  She was always the banker.  She loved the game so much she would play by herself if nobody else wanted to.
  7. She loves the color purple…the color, not the film…maybe she loves that too, don’t know.

Speaking of purple, I have finished, for my sister, the Strathcona scarf.  It is 85 inches from tip to tip.  I finished knitting it on Sunday, and it spent yesterday taking a bath and drying.  captured_by_snapseed_406_1I’ll show you the whole finished scarf after she gets it in the mail…that way it’s at least a little bit of a surprise.  Happy Birthday, Sister!

P.S. Did any of you see the Lunar Eclipse last night?  I stayed up to see it, but it had the same effect on behavior as a full moon and made some of my neighbors act like crazy people. I didn’t want to venture out alone.  This morning there was an inexplicable amount of clear broken glass on the sidewalk.  Now I’m curious.



7 thoughts on “Weekends, Green Scarves, and The Sister List

  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I was seriously laughing through the description of me because every bit of it is true. About the allergy, I think my taste buds compensated by telling me I don’t like cumin because if I taste anything slightly related, I tend to not like it. So to answer your question, I’ve never tried Indian food and (just to ease my mind on what I’m missing out on) I probably wouldn’t like it. The only thing I really regret not being able to eat is taco meat and homemade salsa. Thank goodness I can have jalepenos. Also I’m an office manager which includes the purchasing of office supplies. I’m in heaven.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There were about a million things I could put on that list about you. One that I forgot…you laugh easily. If I were a comedian, i would want you in the audience.

      I love that you get to buy office supplies as part of your job…classic. :)


  2. The coffee in Moscow is good and expensive with exotic names like: кафе маниа, шоколадный, and кафе хауз! Coffee Mania,
    Shakolaneetsa and Coffee House! They have like 16 Starbucks and lots of other cute cafes. We enjoyed getting cappuccinos in Italy for a little over $3 compared to $6 – $10 here! We will have to drink coffee and talk when we get back.

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