Something mischievous is happening around here, and I think it has to do with slippers.

Exhibit A

This morning during breakfast I poured myself a cup of coffee, sat my phone on the table, sat my tablet on the table (on my tablet I am rereading all blog posts, starting in 2004, by the Yarn Harlot…I do this sometimes…it’s like reading a good book…perfectly normal thing to do…), sat my self down at the table, then proceeded to pour the entire full cup of coffee all over said table.  Thankfully, even though both electronic devices ended up in a coffee puddle, only the covers got wet (thank you Otterbox).  Also, not a drop got on the floor…only the table.  Mischief.

Exhibit B

When I went to reheat another cup of coffee in the microwave (made some weak-ish coffee last night; couldn’t bring myself to pour it down the sink) I accidentally activated the “add extra minutes” phenomenon that my microwave possesses.  Instead of heating it for 1 minute 30 seconds, it was set for 30 minutes! How?! Why?!  Luckily, I noticed this before my whole apartment exploded (I’m pretty sure that’s what happens if you heat a cup of coffee for that long).  Shenanigans.

Exhibit C

Today is the warmest day of the year so far in Denver, but somehow, also super cloudy…all day.  This is unusual (except for when it’s snowing or raining).  It is sunny here.  It is so sunny here that all the sunshine bothered me when we moved back to Colorado.  It is so sunny here that I have finally taken to wearing sunglasses…after 30-ish years of not.  The point is that it was cloudy…and I had to fight to get pictures of purple slippers.  High Jinks.

Okay, so I can see how you would think that none of that has anything to do with slippers, but my theory is that the slippers seem to be trying to take on the ornery-ness of my niece, Adi.  Yep.  Mischief, shenanigans, and high jinks. It’s a good thing cuteness balances out ornery-ness in nieces as well as in slippers.

Want to help me choose buttons before any more trouble ensues?

Buttons left to right: yellow, green, gold, pink squares, iridescent light blue, pink circles
Buttons left to right: yellow, green, gold, pink squares, iridescent light blue, pink circles

I hope they’ll fit.  All I need to do now is sew on a button for each strap and these kitty slippers will be done.  I finished the slipper socks with the suede bottoms too.


I finished up all the sewing and weaving of ends yesterday and today, but that didn’t involve enough knitting, so, for my sanity, I went ahead and started the scarf for my sister, Kristen.  It’s lovely, just like my sister.  …and not at all bossy.  ;)

Pattern: Strathcona by Jane Richmond, yarn: I’ve lost the ball band, I’ll tell you tomorrow, it’s all kinds of purple though.



9 thoughts on “Trouble

  1. Great job on the slippers. I’m actually thinking about having you teach me how to knit. I see things. I would luke to make for myself….hmmm. Love your blog!

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