I do this to myself

My niece, Adi, is going to be 5 years old in less than 10 days.  (My sister also has a birthday in less than a week, but we’ll talk about that later.)  Adi amuses me.  She’s got sass and the biggest eyes, and there’s something about her that is just so familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on why…you know, besides her being my niece and all.  Anyway,  my Mom was showing Adi the baby loafers on this blog not too long ago, and there was a comment made about her needing some loafers.  I, of course, take the request of loafers very seriously and so have been busy with the planning and executing of said loafers (I’m taking “loafers” to mean ‘slippers’ though).  This is what I have so far.

Quite a pretty pile of purplish yarn.
Quite a pretty pile of purplish yarn.

The other bit of info you need to know about Adi is that her middle name is Violet.  This led, very tidily, to my sister color coding her girls.  Jules loves pink and Adi loves purple…good system; nice and organized.

So I talked to my sister over the phone last week to get Adi’s foot measurement and found out that Adi loves slippers…she not only wears them, she wears them to bed. every night. to sleep.  That is some true slipper love.  Of course, this led to my decision to knit not just one pair, but two pairs.   So that’s what I’m knitting now (sorry green scarf, I promise I’ll return to you again soon).  Two pairs of slippers, both of a purple nature, for my soon-to-be 5-year-old niece.  This is what that pile of purple yarn in the above picture is going to become.

I’m using the pattern that came with these Boye suede slipper bottoms. I’ve never tried them before, but I found them at my local Tuesday Morning for 1.99, so it seemed like a good idea.
Cleo Kitty Slippers from the book ‘Vintage Baby Knits’ by Kristen Rengren. The book doesn’t have kid sizes, so I’m just experimenting by using bigger yarn and needles.

I’m hoping to have these slippers finished by tomorrow (that’s reasonable, right?) so I can start on a spring scarf for my sister.  It all needs to be done by Thursday or Friday so I can mail it off in time for birthdays.  I’m gonna conquer! … but I have a backup scarf (already knit) just in case.  Did I mention my sister loves purple too?


7 thoughts on “I do this to myself

  1. I bet the thing that’s familiar about Adi is YOU! Adi reminds me of you every day from her quick comebacks to her ornery squinted grin. I’m sure that’s it! Oh, and I’m very excited about all this purply-ness!

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    1. ;) My middle name used to be “trouble”…maybe it’s genetic. I’m glad you’re excited about all the purply-ness (great word, by the way)…purple yarn has taken over the apartment. Ben loves it.


  2. I do the same thing! Like when last year I decided that my three granddaughters MUST have matching cardigans for Easter. Did I mention that I decided this two and a half weeks before Easter??? Gahhhh……….

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    1. Yeah, I think she’ll like them…I was trying to channel my inner five year old when I was hunting through my yarn bins. Hopefully the slippers have enough novelty yarns to appease a five year old. There’s only so much sparkle in my stash.


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