Random Wednesday Thoughts

  1.  It is cold and cloudy today which means I will have blurry photos, but it also means I get to wear a hat….knitted, of course.  I usually go with this one.  You would think I could wear a hat on warm days too, but ball caps and hats of that nature don’t ever fit me.  I think my head might be oddly shaped and too small.
  2.  Yesterday I learned that Tuesday is a bad day for going to the local Goodwill store.  A man with a pony tail mullet decided to break the (shopping?) ice by telling me a very dirty joke about the Easter bunny…the combination of mullet and dirty joke was too much to handle.  Note to self: do not go to Goodwill on Tuesdays.

  3.  Overnight, I have developed a cold sore in the middle of my upper lip.  This has made my lip swell a little…it makes me look kind of like a sexy turtle (you know…besides the fact that it’s a cold sore…and I’m not a turtle).  Awesome.

  4.  I really like to read.  I mostly read things on a whim.  This leads to falling way behind on the reading trends.  While I have read Harry Potter and most of The Hunger Games, I have not read anything Twilight or the thing about that Gray(?) guy (forgot the name of the books, sorry…I have read The Picture of Dorian Gray; does that count?). Also, you can tell how far I might be behind by the fact that I just mentioned Twilight. I like most genres and have read everything from Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth Series to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh.  One of my favorite things to do though is to read old books.

Apparently, I like the old books with green covers best.
Apparently, I like the old books with green covers best.

That one, Greenwillow, it’s one of my favorites.  It was written in 1956 and it starts out a little slow but then has some of the most charming and funny imagery I’ve ever read…intriguing little story too.  Knitting the green scarf (yep, still knitting it; not much progress) and this cold day make me want to sit down and read it again.

What is your knitting telling you to do?





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