Best Laid Plans

I have figured it out.  Conclusions have been drawn from my ‘spring break experiment’, the one in which I see how much I can accomplish with the children at home all day.

Conclusion #1

Children make me sick.  Literally.  I woke up this morning with one swollen tonsil which is an odd and annoying feeling.  I am beating it down with my arsenal of cold-curing weaponry.

Conclusion #2

I had a plan to clean and organize one room/closet everyday for 10 days.  However, I neglected to remember that the needs of children are many during the day and that more meals at home means more dishes.  It somehow also means more stepping on plastic tiaras.  I have broken two.  I am wondering if there is a limitless supply. Curious.

Conclusion #3

Children have their own ideas.  For instance, when I announce the plan for the day, I am combatted with their plans for the day.  This type of nonsense didn’t happen when they were Two and Five.  Six and Nine is a whole different ballgame.

Lastly, Conclusion #4

I have been able to maintain my daily laundry washing.  I have not, however, been able to maintain the actual folding and putting away of said laundry.  Presently, I have two laundry baskets at the foot of my bed (this was done to motivate myself somehow).  The contents of my clean laundry basket have multiplied, but the contents of the dirty clothes basket seems also to be growing, not diminishing as planned.  Now they are both overflowing into one big confusing laundry mass.  Horrifying.

I have learned so many things from this experiment, and technically, I am only 3 weekdays in…well not even a full 3.   So for today, I will fold laundry, keep doing dishes, get my children out of the house for a bit, and possibly, I will sneak in some knitting here and there.  Wish me luck!

Yesterday afternoon, I managed to get my children over to a very nearby park.  I am not proud of this, but I bribed my children with donut holes from LaMar‘s to get them to take pictures of me wearing the Lavender Seed Stitch Scarf.  Dodge (Dodge is one of my son’s many nicknames) actually ran away from me shouting “NO” and flailing his arms.  Tilly was much more willing, but her ability to take camera phone photos is limited by her only having 6 years of life lived.

Anyway, here are the two photos that managed to make me look like a human being wearing a scarf:



This one had to be edited into submission.

The scarf will be delivered to its new owner on Friday, and I will also get to see my lovely, new niece, Lena.

Have a beautiful Wednesday! :)




3 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. Oh, I miss those days! My kids are older now and you do not know how much I miss the days of trying to get things done between snuggles to Disney movies! Enjoy this time. You are really gonna miss it when six and nine turn into sixteen and nineteen!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks! :) I’m trying to get in plenty of snuggles…in between the laundry folding, of course. Time is already flying by, my husband and I keep telling the children that they aren’t allowed to get any older, but they don’t listen.


  3. The pictures they took of you in the scarf turned out great! Your kiddos might end up having the photography gene like you! And I LOVE the scarf! Can’t wait to wear it!


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