Birthdays and Blog Awards

Happy Spring Break to me!  I got nominated for a Liebster Blog Award by Mistine from CrazyPurls!… but more about that in a little bit.



It’s cold and cloudy here today, so my kids and I are having a lazy Monday…it’s entirely possible that I’m still wearing pajamas.  Also, 3/4 of my family have a nasty cold.  I am, currently, the healthiest of the bunch, but I can feel my lymph nodes trying to fight it off (I’m sure that’s not entirely medically accurate).

This is my weapon of choice.


That’s Jasmine Green Tea with a splash of Scotch Whiskey.  Add some honey if you choose, but I mostly drink unsweetened drinks (which is a miracle considering I grew up on Kool-Aid and Sweet Tea).  I don’t think it does much to fight anything off, but it makes me warm. :)  The kids don’t get the Scotch…they get Rooibos Chai with a little milk and honey.

captured_by_snapseed_192_1 (1)And just so you don’t think tea drinking is all I’ve been doing, I have this to show you:

Clam Digger Cardigan.
Tilly’s Clam Digger Cardigan.

That’s the fastest I’ve ever knit the body of a sweater (not counting sweaters for babies and dolls).  Tilly is trying to get me to let her have the sweater with the unfinished sleeves and collar, but we will have none of that.

Besides knitting, cleaning, and painting (I’ll show you the mirror tomorrow), I enjoyed a very long phone conversation with my Mom on Saturday (her birthday). Brace yourselves, it’s about to get gushy.  My Mom is one of my very favorite people and one of my very best friends.  We both know exactly what the other is trying to say even if it’s not said clearly.  We get each other, and that’s not always easy to come by. She is also extremely kind and caring and the most supportive and encouraging person I’ve ever meet.  Also, we have the same eyes.  Thanks for the eyes, Mom! Love you bunches! Happy Birthday! I think you’re amazing!….even if you don’t knit. ;)

Sunday was the birthday of my sister-in-law, Jess.  Jess was my very first best friend (besides my sister) and my first pen pal (yes, we used pens and paper and communicated very slowly…it used to be a thing people did).  She is wicked smart, extremely funny, super ambitious, and the kind of person that could talk you into anything.  Did I mention she’s a doctor?  Yep, that’s what she does for a living.  She and I (besides both being smart and funny ;)) are not a lot alike.  She travels, skis mountains, swims in oceans, that sort of thing, while I knit, raise kids, and watch Murder She Wrote.  There is this children’s book called Hello My Name is Bob.  It’s about these two bears who are friends, but one does exciting things and the other does “boring” things (except, when I read the story I change ‘boring’ to ‘not as exciting’). But despite their differences; they are still good friends…it reminds me of me and Jess.  Happy Birthday, Jess!  Hope it was grand!  Much love!

Well, that was my weekend.  Now, last for today, I would like to thank Mistine of the blog CrazyPurls for nominating me for a Liebster Blog Award.  It’s an award given to (new) bloggers by other bloggers, and it’s a fun and encouraging way to get your (blog) name out there.  More than the award though, I thank Mistine for her kind words. :)  I’m supposed to nominate other new bloggers from my followers for this award, but seeing as most of my followers aren’t bloggers or have already received this award, I think I’ll save the nominating for a rainy day.

These are the questions I’m supposed to answer:

  1. What is your favorite FO (finished object) from any craft and why?
  2. What is your UFO (ugliest finished object) from any craft and why?
  3.  We all have that intimidating project we love and adore but could never imagine actually creating it because we don’t feel worthy.  
  4. What is your favorite crafting tool and why?

EXTRA CREDIT: Post a picture of the above items!

Okay, here goes:

  1.  My favorite Finished Object is a Granny Square Sweater that I made for Tilly a few years ago.  It’s crochet and knitting, and it’s my favorite because it’s my design, and it turned out exactly how I imagined.

DSCF34152. My ugliest Finished Object is a tea cozy that I made for Ben.  He likes it because he thinks it looks like fire.  I think it looks like a weird muppet, and I hated every minute of knitting it (sorry, husband)!

It was still in the works here, but it’s finished now.
  1.  My intimidating project would be these lace stockings because they go on forever and there are two of them.
  2.  My favorite crafting tool is my knitting needles.  Knitting is my favorite.

Whew! This post took longer than anticipated…I better go rescue my children from themselves.  Have a lovely Monday!



9 thoughts on “Birthdays and Blog Awards

  1. I saw that granny square sweater in your Ravelry projects and instantly loved it!

    My great aunt used to make a concoction called witches brew when us kids were sick. I don’t remember all that went into it, but it had honey and lemon and I swear it was brandy or whiskey. It was yum and helped sore throats. I’m sure the alcohol was intended to sooth us as well lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I think granny squares are either a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ sort of thing. I don’t think I ever got my family to join me on the golden yellow granny square bandwagon…even after I explained to them that I have excellent taste in everything.

      I’ve been known to have a drink very similar to your Great Aunt’s…for the kids I leave out the alcohol (thinking wistfully of the good ‘ol days when it was allowed) and call it a Cup of Love.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon! I love that granny square sweater you designed, always have. I might have to recreate an all crochet version for our girl sometime.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You, my niece, are the kindest, best daughter and first best friend ever! And choosing to raise two children (and love a husband) is a whole different kind of adventure where the memories walk with you for the rest of your life. You are a gem :-)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your post made me laugh and remember how Ben stole you, my first best friend and pen pal away. I used to love writing you and getting your letters. I agree w Aunt Carol that your adventures are equally exciting and arguably more important than any of my crazy life experiences have been. Plus waayyy cuter! I really like your blog and reading it make me jealous of the time, creative energy, and skill you have for all your projects. Thanks for the bday wishes and hopefully I’ll get to see you guys soon (scheming a baby visit in the next couple months). I love you

    Liked by 2 people

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