If You Can’t Find ‘Em, Teach ‘Em

This morning I went over to a friend’s house to knit.  Yay!

I’ve lived in 4 different cities in the past 10 years, and I’ve been lucky enough to find knitting/crocheting friends in all of them.  One of them taught me how to knit (I’ll tell you that story next week), I happened upon a couple of them by chance, and I’ve taught a few myself.  It’s always a good time.

That’s what I like about knitting…it can be social or personal, stressful or relaxing, difficult or simple.  It’s like a little picture of life that you hold in your hands.  It teaches you things.

Last night it taught me that I don’t like knitting with Irish Oil Yarn, but hey, I’ll keep working on it anyway.  Can’t let good yarn go to waste.

What do I love working on?:

Clam Digger Cardigan by Melissa Schaschwary
Clam Digger Cardigan by Melissa Schaschwary

This.  It’s turning out to be a really fun knit.  I love Raglan shaping and I love these yarns!  I think maybe my life wasn’t complete before, and now it is.

Speaking of complete, here is the Lavender Seed Stitch Circle Scarf. Done



Do you see that ridge in the bottom photo?  That’s because I grafted it together, but I was too lazy to figure out how to do it in seed stitch.  I did it according to garter stitch instead.  I’m calling it a design feature.  Also, I hope to get pictures of someone wearing this scarf, but it’s still damp, and while I’ll do some interesting things to get a picture, wearing damp wool isn’t one of them.  I bet I can wrangle Tilly (that’s my daughter’s nickname) into wearing it; she’s easy-going like that.

So…next week is Spring Break for my children, and I plan on taking them outside a lot.  Hopefully, we’ll be doing some Colorado outdoorsy stuff if the weather’s nice. Let’s see how many posts I can write next week with my kiddos at home.  It’ll be an experiment.

Have a beautiful weekend! We’re supposed to get snow, so that means more knitting for me!

Also, two people that I love are having birthdays over the weekend, so ‘Happy (early) Birthday’ to my Mom and my sister-in-law, Jess!  It’s probable that I’ll explain how wonderful they are in Monday’s and Tuesday’s posts next week…so deal with it.


4 thoughts on “If You Can’t Find ‘Em, Teach ‘Em

  1. Hey sis, you know how much I love purple right?? (hint hint!) I love all your projects so far – the footstool turned out awesome, the loafers are soooo cute, and the cardigan for Stella is gonna be really cute too. I don’t know how you get all these projects done so fast! I haven’t done anything crafty lately. But hey, I’m caught up on laundry! :) Love you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Sister! We should do a trade: you catch me up on laundry, and I’ll knit you something purple. :) I’m super behind on all things laundry…and possibly other housework that I’m not mentioning. I was thinking about you today; glad you commented!


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