Just call me Tortoise

I am a procrastinator.  Also, I am not entirely a self-motivated person.  Outward motivation influences me a great deal.  These are not character traits I am particularly proud of; but there they are.  I also tend to be a little extreme.  For example, if I were to start a blog (hypothetically, of course) I might then decide that I should start a million projects all at once.

This kind of thing happens all the time, especially when it comes to cleaning.  I will put off doing lots of chores around the apartment (no worries though, we’re not living in filth or anything), but if I know someone is going to come over, I’ll clean everything inside out/top to bottom…and probably try to organize all the closets too.

I’m hoping this blog will help me be more thoughtful about my actions and my time.  Slow and steady and all that.

All right, if you’ve made it this far through my personal sharing time then you must want to see the finished footstool.  :)

I had really poor lighting this morning…had to put it right up against the window.
I had really poor lighting this morning…had to put it right up against the window.

It is reupholstered in a deep, dark, rich, brown velvet.  (You would not believe how hard it is to take a picture of this fabric).  I even added a button in the middle and four little tufts (no idea if that’s the right term…dents?).  This is not the fabric I had in mind when I bought the footstool, but I am cheap, and all the fabrics I like are usually a little pricey.  Side note: Velvet usually isn’t cheap, but I got a remnant at half off.  Also, this is not a super plush variety…it’s feels really awesome though.

I originally wanted some kind of fantastic print but couldn’t find one.  Then I found some faux leather vinyl that I liked, but it wasn’t the right dimensions.  I experimented with some ideas for the vinyl over the weekend, but it didn’t turn out to be what I wanted for the footstool.  See:captured_by_snapseed_160_1

It turns out this stuff is really easy to sew on the sewing machine.  I used a heavy duty needle and some upholstery thread.

captured_by_snapseed_162_1I learned some new things, but it wasn’t what I wanted.  And so, I settled on the velvet.

I am no upholstery expert, and I’m sure I did a lot of things wrong, but I’ll show you a little of what I did.


I bought a large square of cushion foam, trimmed it down to the size of the footstool, then trimmed the edges of the foam so that they wouldn’t be so squared off.  It didn’t look quite so jagged when I was finished.

Then I trimmed the velvet, leaving a good four inches around each side to pull completely over the footstool.  I did a quick hem of the edges, so the velvet wouldn’t unravel.

After that I added the button (which I covered in velvet) and tufts (those two things were the hardest part of the whole project).  Then I just pulled the velvet taut over the edges and (heavy duty) stapled the fabric to the underside of the stool and screwed the legs back on.


Then I covered the underside of the footstool with black wool felt because some of the staples still seemed sharp, and I didn’t want little fingers (or big feet) to get poked.  I just used the hot glue gun for that.


And done!  It really only took an evening to complete this project (if you don’t count having to clean up the giant crafty mess I left behind).  Here’s one last photo of the footstool in context with a chair.

The lighting is a little strange on this one, but let’s just call it ‘ambiance’. You should’ve seen what I had to do with the living room lamps to get this shot…it was amusing.

It looks decent, and I’m not sure how much I can sell it for, but my total cost for buying and reupholstering was only $13.  Not bad.

And now that the footstool is finished, I can move on to the other projects I’ve started and haven’t completed.  I’m telling myself that I can’t start any other projects until I’ve finished the ones I started for this blog (knitting doesn’t count).

Also, I finished the latest pair of little loafers and am mailing them off today.  I was gonna wait and post the pictures tomorrow, but I’m not good at waiting.


I used the same buttons as I did for one of the other pairs.  Hopefully, at least one of the three pairs will fit little Jack (and hopefully his feet haven’t grown too much in the past couple weeks).


Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!  I’m off to the post office.


6 thoughts on “Just call me Tortoise

  1. Ahhhhh! I love them all! I think the navy ones are my most favorite of all, very Shawna-like:). I will send you pictures!

    Also the footstool makes me happy. It looks like it belongs in a Jane Austen movie (probably the wrong era, but you know what I mean). Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! I thought you would like the navy ones. It was actually the yarn I originally bought to make your baby shower stuff, but I didn’t think it would be able to hold up through multiple washings. It’s great for shoes though.

      And thanks for the compliments on the footstool. I know exactly what you mean. :)


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