Sore Muscles and a Cluttered Mind

Happy St. Patty’s!  And a ‘Happy Birthday’ to my brother, Dan!  When he was a little guy, he thought all the fuss and the green was for him…I think my parents let him believe it. :)

To celebrate today in true knitting fashion, I’ll show you something else I have a plan for (yes, another plan):

Diamond brand yarn. 100% Virgin Wool

I picked up about 11 of these at a garage sale last summer while garage sale-ing with a couple of friends (Hi Erika and Shannin!).   It is super old, wool yarn.  It is either from Ireland or made in the Irish fashion…we’ll probably never know.  (Oh wait, just looked.  It says “Made in Ireland” right there on the label).  So my plan for these involves knitting up squares of wool and then felting (technically I think it’s called fulling) them.  Basically, that’s just the art of doing what most people try not to do with wool:  wash it hot, move it around a lot, and make it shrink and get super thick.  I’m going to turn them into potholders…folksy ones with red embroidery.  It’s gonna be grand.

Ooh, I have an idea.  The first person who can tell me which movie this quote is from, I’ll send a potholder when I finish them.  Here goes:  “Put ’em in da wash; they’ll be grand.”  Hint: it’s said with an Irish accent.

Now for an update from the weekend and it’s goings on:

I, sadly, did not get any crocheting of loafers accomplished at Saturday’s birthday party. Instead, I have sore muscles.  It was a roller skating party.  I learned to roller skate in my Grandma Frances’ basement with my brother, sister, and cousins, and so, I..Am..Awesome.  I’m not ’70’s guy in short shorts’ awesome, but I’m pretty good.  My children, however, are not awesome (…at roller skating. They’re pretty awesome at other things).  My daughter hung on my arm so much that I thought I wasn’t going to be able to craft for the rest of the weekend.  Most of the soreness went away that night though, and so, at Sunday’s party I was able to work on this:


This is more of the lavender scarf.  I decided to mix it up a little and do an ombre effect.  I was knitting with two strands of lavender held together to start with, then I changed out one strand of lavender for a strand of purple, and then changed to two strands of the purple. Easy, fun, and keeps the mind off of how long a scarf actually takes to knit.  I always think it only takes a day, but it’s just not true.

Don’t worry, I didn’t completely neglect the new ‘Little Loafers.’

Materials: F Hook, Hobby Lobby 'I Love that Cotton' and Knitpicks Comfy Worsted
Materials: F Hook, Hobby Lobby ‘I Love that Cotton’ and Knitpicks Comfy Worsted

The pattern was something I needed to put a little more concentration into though, so I worked on them at home instead of at the birthday parties.  I had to do a little ‘trial and error’ on these, but they turned out.  Now I just need to sew on the straps and give ’em a good steam to get them into shape.

And now, just so you don’t think I’m some kind of superwoman, I leave you with this:

That's right…I accidentally put on mismatched slippers today, and I'm still wearing them like this.  Don't judge my slippers…they're whimsical.
I accidentally put on mismatched slippers today, and I’m still wearing them like this. Don’t judge my slippers…they’re whimsical.

Tomorrow I’ll give you an update on the footstool, and I might give you a little backstory on why I make so much stuff.

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


7 thoughts on “Sore Muscles and a Cluttered Mind

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I love your blog!! Your post today made me reminisce about our garage sale days last summer!! What fun!! You’re making such beautiful things…I’m a sucker for those baby loafers!!! Too cute! I look forward to seeing the finished stool as well. Will you be keeping it or selling it?


    1. Thanks Erika! Remember I got the yarn, and you got the giant stack of scrapbook paper? Good times. :) I think I’ll still try to sell the footstool…it’s not exactly what I would want.


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